Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hello Folks


I have not written for a while – life has been pretty boring apart from another beak trim – but now I will update you with some exciting news.

I have a friend!  Twice now A little bird has come in to see me.  Mum said he was a baby blackbird.  He came once when the back door was left open – Mum came to investigate noises she thought were me moving about the floor, but found the cage door shut tight and me inside, so..  she saw the bird poop on the floor which she thought was not me either – and then she saw the bird!  She shut the passage door, opened the back door wide, made sure the curtains were pulled over the windows and went round to come in through the lounge room thus behind my friend, so he would move towards the open back door,  and, after he perched on my cage for a bit on the way, he did go out,  /Whilst he perched on my cage, Mum got the vegetables ready for dinner, so he decided she was not going to hurt him and chattered to me too.

Then yesterday, he came in through the cat flap!  But it is a dog flap and does not have a flap – just a glass panel missing in the door for dog Angela to walk in and out.  This time he got scared and tried to go out the window behind my cage.  He got so scared he even lobbed on Mm’s hand for an instant and the fell down behind the freezer.  Mum opened the window with difficulty, and pulled the freezer out, and he went.  She said she knew he was here again as there was “not Bibbie poop” on the floor.

This morning, early, Mum came through and saw a baby blackbird on the back veranda eyeing off the cat flap hole.  She hastily pulled the curtains across so he could not come in again.  I am sad!  He was a nice little bird, chattered and chirped to me in quite a foreign language though still recognisably bird of some sort.  He didn’t much like my food either.

As to food, I have tried and enjoyed, and had plenty of, mango, nectarine, peach, apricot and plum along with the more normal things and fresh apple from the trees in the back yard.  How’s that!  And toast, and egg, and pizza crust, and anything else I ask for almost.  As well as the usual vegetables and thistles and lettuce and silverbeet and…   sometimes I go outside to my big cage too.  Mostly I just sit and look at the big wide world out there to be honest.

Dog Angela has been to the vet last week and this coming Thursday has to have a growth of some sort take off her back leg on the hock part,  *It is growing fast, only been there a week now.  The vet wants to wait for results of what kind of cells are there before touching it and that will not be known till Wednesday when the microscope is fixed – Angela’s tissue sample went on and up the microscope light globe blew!  I hope she is going to be alright – it is in a nasty place the vet said – even I can see there is not much skin that will have to stretch a long way.  Dog Angela is allergic to sticking plaster of all kinds too..  and she will lick and chew at it..   Oh dear!


Love to all