Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello Cocky

It is my favourite human speech. I am calling it out to get Mum to come and see me. I might start singing and whistling in a bit, just for a change.

It is very cold today and the fire is going. Mum put a blanket over my big cage between me and the glass window, and that made it warmer straight away. Later I will have my little cage covered too – I should be nice and cosy in there!

Yesterday I saw Dr Peter again and had my beak trimmed. I DO NOT LIKE IT! But it is easier to eat and climb with it shorter. Dr Peter said he was quite pleased with my beak as he had not been optimistic when he first saw me. One thing – in all the struggle, I dislodged my half grown new feather.

I am watching TV now – the news has just started. I like TV!

Hello Cocky!


Friday, May 18, 2007


I have been lying low these last few days. It is colder out now – I don’t even want to think about going outside! Mum lights the fire in the stove near me most mornings and keeps it going all day. I get covers, nice and thick, on my little house at night, and I stay warm and snug inside.

Yesterday and today it looked very gray outside and there was funny wet stuff coming down from the sky. Mum said maybe I didn’t know it was called rain – it has not rained for so long, perhaps I hatched since the last good downpour. Whatever it was, it made a nice sound on the roof – and it can stay well away from me! Mum is pleased about the rain – seems there has been a drought here for years and there may not be enough water.. well all I need is a nice bowl of water to drink from. There is some in a bigger dish called a bath in my big cage but ooh no, not for me!

I keep cleaning my beak and trying to pick it clean but it does not work. And I think I am growing another feather on my other wing – that means one big feather and one short one, and some down on the back of my neck. Whoohoo – I am getting clothes!

Angela Dog comes to check up on me if she thinks something strange is going on. The last time was when someone came to say hello to me and tried to get me to stand on his hand and come out to see him. I strongly disapproved and told him so in no uncertain terms!! Angela Dog came running out to protect me.

Spinach remains my favourite. I have other things put on my kebab but mostly I ignore them. I told it off a few days back – how dare it swing to and fro and bump me!

It was nice to hear from two new people as well as the news of some old friends when I visited their blogs recently..

Bye for a bit


Sunday, May 6, 2007

news on bibby's blog visitors

'SOS' here (aka "sort of sister" as Bibbie apparently has christened me).

I thought I'd share some news about your popularity, Bibbie. This picture shows a summary of visitors to your blog (click to view it bigger).
bibbie april stats

In April you had 45 visitors, of whom in that time around three quarters were new. That means you had around 30 'unique' people coming to read your news during April. Dear Bibster, I bet you didn't think you'd have so many friends!

And, if you look at the map you can see they're coming from all over Europe and the US. It's very nice of your bird blogging friends to have linked to you, they've sent quite a few folk your way.

We need some more news Bibby, if you keep going like this, you'll be a star. :-)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

photos from Bibbie's escapade

Here are some photos of Bibbie's unexpected expedition to the kitchen floor.