Friday, August 31, 2007

Great excitement

Hello Folks

Indeed there have been two events of great excitement.  The first – I stepped both my feet onto Mum’s hand tonight – twice!  - and stayed there for a few minutes on both occasions.  I can get closer to her face from there – had a good look up her sleeve as well.  I scrape my beak all over and nibble her fingers and so on..  she doesn’t seem to notice a thing! 

Shortly after that I had been told to go to bed, it was too late for a birdie to be up, in the semi light of the glow from the firestove.  And then - IT happened.

I somehow got stuck half falling off my perch and the edge of my bedroom door – I screamed and screamed and screamed.  Mum came running, Dog Angela came running – the lights came on – just as I was able to climb back onto my perch as normal.  I was quite disgruntled and fluffed up by then!  Mum stroked me and said I was a good boy and then she moved my bedroom cage closer to the front of the big cage so if I fell again I would not have to do the splits to get back up.  I calmed down a bit and then Mum said bedtime again and turned off the light.  I was pleased to see that both Mum and Angela came to help me and see what was wrong – that Dog Angela is not such a bad sort really.  And I am settling down for the night.  A good cup of coffee would not go amiss, but somehow us birds don’t get offered coffee.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bold Me

I was very brave last night! I stretched out one leg and put my foot on Mum’s hand.  She did not move so I am sure she did not notice.  I kept it there for about five minutes, on and off – mostly on – and will one day MAYBE consider putting the other foot on too.  It took me about 7 months to pluck up my courage to go this far, not that I like that word PLUCK either.  A bit too close to the bone for me, really.  It would be nice to come out and be carried about, actually – I could go in the lounge room and look out the window maybe!  There are cars in the distance and a nice garden out there, and occasionally people walking by.  It could be fun.

Sssh!  Please don’t tell Mum.  I need to keep this quite secret or I won’t dare to do it again.



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I like a nice cuddle and scratch on my head. Mum saysI have a very smooth bald spot right behind the lump that would raise my crest, if I had one to raise. It is one of the few spots I cannot see on myself.

I am posting lots of photos today so you can see me in my new finery, feathers - as well as eating a nice piece of apple. Would you believe Mum said to a lady from church that I was only getting vegetables till she next went shopping in a day or two, and that nice lady gave her an apple for me! It was VERY nice of her, wasn't it! The first time I have been given a present by someone outside the family, and for it to be such a lovely thing, was very good. Thank you Nancye.

Enjoy the photos


I had better tell you I am Bibbie, back again to say hello. You might not recognise me otherwise. I am so proud of my new clothes. Mum says I am getting more and more feathers and she wishes I would pose nicely for a photograph of my back so you could see better. But there is no way I will let that black box sneak up where I can't see it - that is, unless I have fresh new food in my dish. You will see some more photos of feathery me below. too. Don't I look good!

The weather is warmer - it got to 25deg Celsius yesterday. Most days I don't need the fire lit till the evening and really I didn't need even that last night. Winter is on the way out -officially spring starts 1 September here.

I have heard talk of what I will have happen to me - and Dog Angela - when Mum goes to Egnland soon. she does not know quite when as it depends on when her relative has an operation in a public hospital. They don't usually give you a date a long way ahead. At the moment I willhave aman come and feed me twwice a day, turn my television on and off, put my cover on and off, and so on. But if that does not work I will be going to Dr Peter's hotel and maybe sit in reception and talk to people. I would like that I think especially if Dr Peter does not get those beak clippers out. apparently dog Angela will sleep at the man's house and come here and spend the days with me. Mum has said she is concerned it is all OK and will not go unless she is sure we are not looked after properly. She used to go to England for about 10 weeks at a time, but says she thinks it will be a lot shorter this time as she wants to get back to us.

There will probably be no vegetable garden this summer. It is already dry, and some seeds Mumplanted came up then died for lack of water. It is still winter and gets the occasional short rain shower at night so they should be OK. but they weren't. Mum says plants have feelings too and she does not want to go away and have them all die, so.. there are tanks to collect rainwater and they are mostly fuoll, but if it does not rtain then they get used up and there is no more. Water restrictions mean it is not possible to water gardens properly unless you have tanks and lots of them.

I am going to post another couple of photos of me, above this, now.

Farewell for a bit



Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tired me

Hello Folks


Just thought I would let you know I am lying low for a couple of days, getting back my strength.  Fighting Dr Peter really takes it out of me!  Yes, my beak is nice and short again and I am enjoying the ease of eating.  It was trimmed Tuesday – I slept just about all of Wednesday, but enjoyed the odd tickle and cuddle from Mum even so.  Today I have said a couple of Hello Cockys.  I didn’t feel like talking earlier – I screamed so much my throat was all tuckered out.  I got a piece of mandarin, but threw it on the floor.  This morning earlier though I did enjoy a bit of carrot peeled off with the vegetable peeler, and a little bit of egg, mostly yolk.  Mum said she does not like to give it to me really, she thought it was almost making me a cannibal!   (Still, it makes an appearance every few days, whenever Mum has a cooked egg herself.)  Maybe I will get some cabbage later when Mum cooks her dinner.


For now, I am happy sitting looking out the window.  Mum was out there yesterday planting some seeds and checking those she planted a few weeks back.  They are slow to come up because it is so cold I think – but so far, we look like having lots of beetroot in a few months.  There are broad bean plants several inches high, too.  Perhaps there are a few swedes (rutabagas in the US) turnips or mini cabbages coming up – Mum said they all have the same sort of leaf in the early stages and she can’t remember which went in where!   Yesterday it was more carrots and parsnip seeds and mini cauliflowers, and also, under glass jars to make glass houses, some tomato seeds!  Mum saved them from last year – so the few she put in of three kinds of tomatoes will not matter if they do not come up.  It is still officially Winter here and we had a frost two nights out of the last three – and it was almost zero again last night.  What does she think – tomatoes in winter?  Still, there are some hardy green things hanging on the single scraggly vine, still ripening the odd (foul tasting) tomato.  Frosts and all!


There is a nice smell about the house too because Mum picked violets (white as well as the purply sort) and daffodils and jonquils yesterday.  They are nice.


There have been lots of messages on my youtube videos, and more on my blog.  So thank you one and all for your kind thoughts and friendship.  It will take a week or more before I really get back into feeling like having more videos  - and photos - taken!







Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hooray - videos made it

Well folks, SoS got Mum sorted out from America and now my videos have made it onto my blog.

It is getting warmer here so the firestove does not need to be lit every morning now.

Today I saw Dog Angela sneak in with something dead, furry and smelly while Mum was out. When Mum came home all the doors and windows were opened, there was something sealed into a garbage bag, and there was a lot of spraying with disinfectanty sort of things going on. Mum was not pleased! Neither was Dog Angela - I think she thought it was something special and it had just matured nicely.

SoS emailed from on holiday that the planes let her down by being late so connections were not made, and she ended up driving 14 hours to get her luggage because the plane took it where she should have gone but didn't - and then 14 hours back. SoS, if I could fly I would have taken you with much less trouble. Maybe we can learn to fly together?


Bibbie does ballet

Bibbie has more feathers

Bibbie has a treat

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

downy feathers

I may have lost my BIG feather but I am getting lots and lots more downy ones. Good! I like a bit of fluff.

A Sad Loss

Oh I am so sad! Look what has happened! My best, my only, proper, feather has departed from me. I can still sing and dance though.


My view of the garden

Here is what I sit and look at during the day. On the left is the fenced vegetable garden - to keep Dog Angela out of it -and down the back are some fruit trees. Oooh I hope I get some when they have flowered and turned into lovely apples and things! Up the top you will see the jonquils up close - there is a lemon tree behind them and the plants in the pond in front of them.

New videos

Hello everyone!

Given the success of my first video, and the new friends I have made on youtube from it, I thought I would make some more! There are three new ones on youtube but Mum does not know how to feed them across form there to my blog, and SoS is travelling in America and Canada, so.. in the meantime here are the URLs (if they work) so you can go and see them. and The third one does not yet have a URL so you might have to find it yourselves in a little while! Now it does.. here'tis.

There will be some more photos coming soon, too.



Wednesday, August 1, 2007

update on video

Well what do you think?

I have to say, on listening to it, my "Hello Cocky"s could be clearer. but there it is, it is the way I say it. Perhaps some elocution lessons would help! Mum thinks I was taught to say Hello Cocky by someone with an accent that is not local Australian.

Mum managed to get the video converted and uploaded to youtube, then SoS got it to the blog for me. Mum was spitting chips before she managed the upload - the getting enrolled and listed on youtube was hard as it thought she was someone else, not me, Bibbie!

I have not learned any new phrases but I do make nice songs and things. If Mum sneaks up round the corner so I don't see the camera you may be able to hear them. I do not really like that box that clicks and whirs - so far it has not hurt me, but you never know! Presently Mum keeps asking me "Who's got sexy legs?" so maybe one day I will say that, too.