Monday, April 23, 2007


Big news today! I am a very lucky boy! Brave too!

Mum went off early today, middle of the night, and when she came back at a decent hour, she had "sort of sister" with her! I hissed at her. She said she liked me silently screeching. Well, not quite the reaction I wanted - I thought I looked fierce!

After a bit, they went out again. For a long time. About 6 hours. And during that time, SOMETHING happened. What exactly is my secret, but Humpty Dumpty comes to mind.

When Mum came home with "s o s" Angela Dog greeted them then ran into the kitchen. They came after her with, as it turned out, presents for me. But I screeched and screeched and Mum called out "Oh no Bibbie is out walking on the floor -he must have fallen out of his cage - and he has screeched to keep Angie away!" S o S said I looked OK and she could see where I had been and it had been for some time too. Rude I thought. Such a fall, about four foot or so and I can't fly, scared the s*** out of me and of course it was on the floor!

I sat by the stove, cuddling up to a rather strange bald looking bird that seems to live a shadowy existence in the oven, whilst my little "security blanket" cage was cleaned (by Mum) and the big one too (by S o S) and then, when presented with it, all new "perched" and washed, I climbed inside my transporter safe cage with a huge sigh of relief. I am back in my big cage, with a fruit skewer and new fruit dish and a swing from S o S installed. I ended up called out Hello Cocky an hour or two later, but really, I am still recovering from my adventure. Mum said she is glad she keeps the door shut when the fire is going in the heater - and will keep it shut all the time now till I get my ladder out. (I heard them talking about roasted and fried bird - quite insulting, really.) At least I did not hear the words "clumsy" or "Klutz" being bandied about, but probably I should have stayed up there, climbing about!

Well, all up it gave me great excitement.

I posed for several photos - as well as with "oven bird" which I would have preferred were dispensed with actually - I would have got back to my safe house faster!

You might get photos to see soon.


Bibbie the non flying bird.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Me Me Me in the spotlight

I don't like having photos taken much. A big black machine thing comes close and makes odd noises. But I do like the result... look at me!

These photos are from a few weeks ago but the blog-photo-helper-person has been slack. I will certainly be giving them a piece of my mind when they visit.

But, I hope you agree, it was worth the wait. Look at me, shaking my leg!!! And my smile and a thing that my live-in person helper says is a parsons nose.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Undignified me

My new short beak is causing me problems – I want to climb the walls of my cage and keep falling off! My hook extension is missing!

Well, let’s start at the beginning of today - I went to see Dr Peter again.

Oh the indignity. I refused as always to step onto a hand, so he put his hand into my cage with a towel in it. He grabbed me with the towel and didn’t let go even though I tried to bite him. Out I came against my will – and he wrapped me in another towel. I struggled and got myself onto my back – still they held me. Mum too! A pair of clippers came towards me, all gleaming silver. And suddenly – my beak was much shorter. It bled a bit – Dr Peter soon stopped that by pushing on it, putting a cotton bud on it and then putting some stuff on the cotton bud and putting it on my beak end. It stopped bleeding immediately. I was then put back into my cage – it was hard to get untangled from the towel then, but I managed it. Climbed the walls of course, and fell off as above. Took me a few times to work out what was happening. So, I stood still and danced – which Dr Peter liked. I would not talk to him though. No way. He said when I was leaving, he’d see me about the end of April. Hope not! I licked my short beak end whilst Mum was paying – gee it is strange. Takes a few days to get used to it each time it is shortened.

I sulked inside my little cage when I got home. All day! But it is warm and cosy in here now with the fire stove lit, and nice dinner smells, and the TV on. Life is not so bad – and Mum just gave me some spinach. I forgive all!

Bibbie – the shorter beaked bird!