Friday, December 21, 2007


It is now ten and a half people months since I arrived here, and for the first time in my life, I got a Christmas tree and sent out Christmas cards! I got a present a while back from the people who looked after me whilst Mum was away - a nice pack of special seed. Yummy! And today, a card came addressed to Dog Angela and me in response to the cards we sent out. This photo was used on my card, and the one below is what Angela selected for her personal card.

The Christmas tree stayed for the photo taking episode (I posed for about forty photos, folks) nd then departed. I was quite glad, actually - it fell into my cage at one stage. I did not really like that.

I hope that you all, bird friends and people friends, have a peaceful and blessed Christmas.



Dog Angela sends her Christmas Greetings too. She went to a Christmas BBQ at the vets' surgery - well behaved dogs on leads were invited. Not birds! Still, I did not want a squeaky toy (which all dogs got from Santa) or sausages in bread, mince tarts and cordial (which people got) and would not have liked all the dogs staring at me. Especially not Diva, the surgery cat -she was there, ignoring all dogs but supervising everyone else. So - all in all, I was glad to stay home in my house.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

At the top you can see one of my brightly coloured distant cousins thieving apricots.. I counted about 15 who flew out of that tree all at once! and then, under that, you can see me walking about. Sad I have to take such little steps - it takes me many more than it does Mum to walk about!
SoB made me a rope ladder, which I shall try out later today. I will let you know how things go.

Whoo hoo, excitement

A big exciting event, last night! I took my courage in both hands and leapt out of my cage! I lost a feather attemtping to fly, but landed safely and started walking about. Mum came looking for me to put me to bed and could not find me in my cage.. yes, the door is left open quite often.. and then she heard me move, walking round the floor. she said "Oh Hello" and went back to the bedroom, so I followed her. I found Dog Angela was in there, on the bed. She got off once but I acted fierce and screeched, so she got back onto the bed and just looked at me.

There is a new person in this house right now - Sort Of Brother I will call him though he used to live with me once before, before I came to this house. SoB said Angie must remember the time I bit her on the nose!

I explored for a bit then Mum produced my little safe cage. I hurried down the passage to her and it and climbed in. I have had a very good sleep and am just waking up now.

Oh recently I have had a nice time watching distant cousins stripping Mum's apricot tree. I don't think she will get one - nor me, even though I did ask them to leave me some.