Monday, June 18, 2007


I played a trick the other day.

There is a man who sometimes comes and chops wood at this house. I watch and supervise from my cosy warm house inside. The man looks up to make sure I am watching him occasionally.

Well normally I refuse to talk or have anything to do with him when he comes inside near me. He is used to me giving him a silent hiss and backing right away. And he refuses to believe I talk or do anything, let alone say hello Cocky.

This time, he sat down at the kitchen table with his back to me. I mean, how rude can you get? And then I thought, aha, here is my opportunity. I waited till he was nice and relaxed, having a bite of cake and a cup of coffee, till suddenly I let fly with my loudest voice HELLO COCKY.

It was worth giving up my secret, I tell you. Laugh! I nearly fell off my perch laughing. It was marvellous! The man rose up and then down in the same spot on his chair, spilt his coffee, and whipped around saying ‘THAT was hello cocky for sure, and so loud!!” He was laughing too.

Since then I have entertained Mum more and more, giving her kisses, songs and whistles.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

oven bird and me

This is a photo from my escapade to the floor, with my friend Oven Bird

Hello Cocky!

Hello Cocky!

It is my favourite saying.

It is COLD now, even in my nice warm internal cage with the cover on. Even with the fire going in the stove. Mum went outside at 7.30am this morning and said it was zero celsius. She put the gas heater on as well as lighting the fire and it still took time to warm up.

Dog Angela had her visit to Dr Peter yesterday and got stabbed in the scruff she said so she will not get nasties like parvo and other things. She got liver treats from Dr Peter and the nurses, and from Mum a pig's ear and a long walk as rewards. When she came home, Mum had to go out, and Angie got even. She could not get that fitted sheet style bedspread off the bed so she ate right through it and pulled a pillow out. Mum was VERY cross and I heard all about it. Dog Angela absented herself into the back garden. Now I would never do that - I just flap and screech and try to gently bite any hand trying to grab me!

One day soon I might be able to say "Give's a kiss" and "Pretty Boy". If Mum records me maybe SoS can work out a way to get it here so you can all hear me!

there are some photos that have not made it onto this blog so I will see if Mum can remember how to do it. I would, but my feet = hands don't work quite right for computers.

Bye for now


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Nice and warm in the kitchen

Here is a photo of Dog Angela... made even better because you can see me in the corner too, in my cage!

It is a lovely warm kitchen for us all. The silver pot thing you see sitting on the black box thing.. that is a wood-burning stove. When that is going I am never cold. Dog Angela likes to sleep next to it too on the sofa even though she has still got her feathers.

New things for ME!

Hello Everyone!

I just have to tell you of the changes that appeared this afternoon!

First off, Mum made herself a tracksuit out of some green fleecy stuff. When she had finished, she got some bits of it and sewed them up, like a tassel she said, and then tied it in my little cage! I will investigate that tonight. Then she got some more of the same nice green soft cuddly stuff and made a sort of cape she suspended from the roof of my big cage. I have had lots of good looks at that, but it seems quite harmless and even friendly.

Then out came an old red quilted bedspread that used to go on her bed to keep Dog Angela from ruining the good stuff. Mum cut a big piece off, and doubled it up – and then sewed it into a shaped cover for my little cage! Now it is red and cosy both inside and outside and has a nice gap where my door is. The rest Mum sewed into a fitted sheet style so can still use it to cover her bed. Dog Angela likes to tear sheets if Mum goes out too much. This is apparently an attempt to stop her doing that.

It was then dark outside and getting cold – so the cover went on my house, and I went in. I said “hello cocky” a few times to Mum before sending her away to update my blog…

Goodnight Bibbie

News, and I answer your questions.

Since I have last talked to you my friends, I have been back to that vet man. I had more taken off my beak, and it hurt a little. But it does help me eat. It can go a little longer between snips now – Dr Peter said he thinks I am doing well, contrary to what his expectations were when he first saw me. However, I of course had to struggle and whilst doing it, sacrificed my half length feather. Took me so long to grow it too! I said a rude parrot word to Dr Peter when he said he would get the towel – which both he and Mum apparently understood. I did not speak in human language, just parrot, but they both said it was not complimentary. It certainly wasn’t – they were right about THAT.

I took your suggestion to have more photos seriously William, and after some thought, have agreed to allow more photos of me to be taken and the best of them published. I have “ordered” Mum to download the photos she took this afternoon onto the computer and upload them onto my blog. It will be the first time she has done that – if she can’t do it, it will have to be SOS again and she is very busy so it can take WEEKS. I suggested to Mum that there was a photo put on the blog of the sheet eater, Dog Angela, too. She took some photos of her, at least. (I will tell you a bit more about Angela and sheets in the next posting.)

Oh, you want to know where I live! (Just going through my mail, here.) It is in Melbourne Australia. Down the bottom right side sort of, of the map of Australia. That means it is not so warm as the top bits which are further north, so nearer the equator. I know people in the Northern Hemisphere do things differently, but here, south is colder and winter is in June July and August. We don’t have snow, and not many frosts even, but it is still quite cold. This house and most older houses do not have central heating, so people wear a jumper = sweater in winter, sometimes more than one if it is really cold. And they turn the heater on – or light the fire! God gave us birds feathers to keep warm, but something went wrong with me…