Wednesday, April 23, 2008

screams in the night

Sometimes I like to sit on my bedroom door.  It is narrow, and of course on hinges so it moves.  Mum wedges it open with the big cage door shut hard against it, but it still wobbles.  Last night I was sound asleep when – I fell off!  I screamed and screamed.  Mum and Sort of Brother arrived and lights went on – just in time to see me turn right way up and start climbing up from the floor of my big cage.  I was very frightened and very embarrassed.  Once they saw me inside my bedroom instead of on the door, they turned the lights off, said “Goodnight Bibbie” and went back to bed.   

I might give the door a miss for a while – it was almost time for me to choose a new resting place anyway – I tend to spend about a week in each of three or four places. 

Quite shook me up it did.  Mum and SofB (SoS is alright for sort of sister but Mum said I should not say SoB) seemed quite stirred up too as they had been asleep too they said. 


Sunday, April 6, 2008

I got egg and toast for breakfast today.. here's me eating the egg, yum!

In case you can't tell, that's the yellow stuff hanging from my beak - I got almost hard cooked yolk with a bit of white from a fried egg.

I try to eat the toast with the egg, some of it..

I really enjoy plain toast at the end, too!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hello Everyone

Well Joonie it was good to hear from you.  You can keep the figs at your place.  If I get another I shall post it over to you!

Outside my window two days ago most of the day the trees bent over and things blew about – winds were the same strength as cyclones – not much rain though.  The electricity went out and as it got dark Mum lit the fire stove and cooked her dinner on it and also put little stick things about, which had a little flame on top.  /She said she was glad for the battery radio!  I missed my TV ..  it came on again after eight hours but by then I was asleep.  BUT I heard this morning, nearly 18 hours later, there are still over 20,000 homes without electricity.  Bet people take more notice when the weather bureau says there will be dangerous winds!

Mum has spread out the garlic that was coming up from where she could not pull it out when ready last season.  She will have lots of garlic in a few months.  No seeds up yet but Mum said it was a bit early for them anyway. 

I had more egg on toast yesterday for breakfast.  MMMM.. and my beak is getting long again so I suppose I will be carted off to the vet soon.

Bye for now