Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa and the dogs at the Christmas party

Christmas party to which I was not invited

Christmas update 2008

Hello Folks and I hope you all had a Happy Christmas.

There is much to tell you but in another way, life has been the same for me as ever. For Christmas I got a little bit of Christmas pudding in my seed dish. some celebration, hey? Mum has promised as soon as she sees some nice sweet corn on the cob she will buy me one - and two more for the new residents out the back. She would not buy corn BEFORE Christmas because she said it looked tired and she did not like it. I have been given the odd strawberry, too.

The residents out the back? They come out and walk aboiut and scratch and eat grass and peck at insects and things.. and they give Mum some white things which she is very pleased about. they make a sort of soft clucking noise, which shows their pleasure, and every so often, once a day or so, one of them makes a louder noise too though the neighbours have not herad them. Chooks Mum calls them but I think everywhere else but Australia they are called chickens. these are nice friendly chooks now they are used to Mum. She let Dog Angela out yesterday to meet them 0 the first meeting, soon after they came, did not go so well and one of those chooks became airborn and ended up with her head stuck inthe woodheap and a big fluffy bum sticking out! Mum rescued her but there were no eggs for a day or two. Yesterday though, Mum held Angela and one chook - Hannah, the quieter one, came up and snigffed Angela whilst Angela sniffed her. It looked like Hannah was going to walk through angela's front legs but in the end she veered sideways and went about her grazing business quite unconcerned. Henrietta who is a bit more flighty was unconcerned but did not go near her. Greedy - she just ate. Henrietta and Hannah Houdan-Hen, they are. Houdan hens have a big feathery topknot like a pompon on their heads, and are a reasonably small chook as chooks go, but certainly not a bantam. Not these ones anyway! Mum googled houdan and they apparently came from a village in France originally and almost died out.

Dog Angela and Mum went to a Christmas party - same as last year - at the vet. He only invited well behaved dogs on leads, can you imagine that? People got a sausage, and vet Peter went round and gave all the dogs a liver treat, and the doggie Mums and Dads of course shared their sausages in bread with their dogs. Then Santa came, and gave out a present to all - children AND dogs. Angela got a squeaky hamburger. There are two videos to go on here but SOS has to do it, Mum has never learned. Slow, isn't she? They are currently on my youtube site waiting to come over. You will see there are close to 30 dogs there and more people because they came in family groups sometimes, and the vet staff were there too.

I had a good but quiet Christmas.. I hope you did too! Happy and blessed and peaceful, plenty of food, and very nice. I am indeed fortunate. I wish everyone was as lucky as me.

Love, Bibbie