Friday, November 30, 2007

I've forgiven her

Well folks I had to give in.  I was given all sorts of nice tidbits. 


Today was nice and sunny and I spent it outside.  I saw Mum picking strawberries –she came and gave me one.   I enjoyed the change of scenery until it started to rain.  I did not get wet but it made a loud noise on my roof.  I called out and Mum came and got me, and took me back inside.  She said she had been asleep.  Still jet-lagged apparently.


Dog Angela did not even look at me when I was outside today; no need to screech at her at all! 


I will allow photos to be taken in a day or two.  Suffice to say my ankle warmers have not fluffed up, though I do have more oomph on the nape of my neck.  The feathers that appeared as down are getting bigger and more feathery!



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mum's back

Well, SHE came home yesterday.   It has been a long time since she left – just over seven weeks in human time.  I had just got used to my alternate arrangements and was settling in nicely – now, my routine is all upset!  I will punish her for going by not letting her stroke me and will certainly not kiss her for a bit.  I have not even taken food from her hand!  But I did charge down my perch to the treat dish before she had withdrawn her hand, I just could not resist.


Dog Angela has forgiven her already – it only took a few hours and she was asking for her tummy to be rubbed and so on.  It will be a bit longer before I go back to how I was before.


All is well though and the vegetable garden has rioted. My feathers have not – though I am a little fluffier than seven weeks ago.


When I have forgiven Mum I will pose for a photo..


Bibbles aka Bibbie