Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I forgot to tell you. There is a new four legged person in this house now - Sort of Brother brought it home. I have seen it when it is held up to meet me and am sure I could put it properly in it's place even if Dog Angela doesn't. It bounds everywhere like it is psycho. It is called Lucy - but as far as I know it could be Lucien. It is sleeping, sort of, here, but it chews and scratches Angela's tail and one day it grabbed onto her snout - Mum said she could just see these eyes imploring her to DO SOMETHING as well as showing puzzlement - Angela eyes, then a lump of white fur hanging on, scratching and biting with the white tummy regions in the vicinity of Angela's nose and mouth. Mum hastily removed the "growth"! Angela seems to treat it like a puppy.

Life is pretty boring most days now! I sit and look at TV, out the window, huddle up in my nice warm bedroom and scream for food when Mum is doing anything in the kitchen. BUT - there was great excitement the other day. I heard some strange calls outside - Mum rushed to get her camera - and got a photo of some visitors to trees at the back of the neighbour's land. It was about 50 yards from shere she stood so she used the tlelphoto lens and lost a lot of photos but a couple are good. then we stood and listened - and I could hear them cracking the seed pods ont he tree! Oh I was happy to see them!

In case you can't see them, there are two black cockatoos in this photo - they have yellow crests and yellow under their wings. They are probably bigger than me (even if I had my feathers) and make a harsh sort of call. They blend well into the trees, don't they? There was a flock of twenty or more - Mum had real problems seeing them though she could hear them and see the trees shaking.