Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hi Folks

I've decided to stay indoors more now the days are getting cooler. I won't hop into my transporter cage most mornings.. that means I get to stay inside!

Sometimes the fire in the fire stove is lit, like last night. It is warm and cosy then and I like it. I chatter away whilst watching TV and if Mum isn't there, call out to her. She nearly always answers! And I make the noises that Dog Angela makes. (It confuses her.) Last night I watched the swimming, then a quiz, and then a crime TV show. I nibbled a bit of lettuce here and there - it was a nice night.

My top beak is growing quite long again and the bottom bit is starting to grow another fang thing. Oh oh! I foresee another visit to the vet coming up. I wish it wouldn't grow so fast - I do what I can to keep it clear by using my foot and toes as a sort of toothpick. It's only two weeks since the last trim. It's a nuisance. No feathers - well, I feel distinguished - but too much beak is a real hindrance.

Take care everyone!


Friday, March 16, 2007


I went to the vet again last evening. My beak has been trimmed again and
this time I was awake and knew all about it. I let them know I was not fond
of the process although it did not hurt.

Today my person went shopping. When she got back she apologised they had sold out of my favourite spinach, so she bought lettuce instead. I tried some just now - boy oh boy it is probably better than spinach! Yum yum yum!

It rained a bit last night - I don't remember when that last happened - and I was feeling a bit tired from all the excitement at the vet yesterday, so I stayed in my kitchen cage and snoozed. Mum said it was a good idea as it was not really warm out.

Strange but dog Angela was tired all today as well. Mum said she was, but she made three trays of lasagne so maybe not.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

How dare they?

Once again I was forced into my little cage and taken for a car ride.  THAT in itself is not bad.  But then, I was back on that table at the vet.  She put a towel round me and pulled me out – I clung onto the wire but Mum prised my hands off – oh dear I thought – betrayed!!!   And then came some clipper things.  Chop!  Off came my overgrown top beak – and snip – off came the bottom fang that was growing up on one side.  After that was done I was able to get even, and gave both Karen and Mum a good nip.  They both said “ouch” so I know I succeeded. 


Once back in my cage, and car, I felt safer, and even danced and chuntered away to myself on the way home.  That is the third time it has happened now, and as it seems it will be every three weeks or so, I guess I will have to get used to it.  Being naked is undignified enough but havi9ng to have your beak chopopped, well, it is really unspeakable.  I do like the result though.  I can eat more things.  Including fingers.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

new horizons

I was left inside this morning for an awful long time. I decided to explore. When my little cage was to be cleaned, I hopped out of it and would not go back inside. When it was clean, I still would not go back inside it. So – I have been left in the kitchen all day!

My little bunk hole cage is sitting on the floor, and I am left all alone in the big indoor cage. I quite like walking on the flat floor of it, and rip the newspaper (I already knew about newspaper, Bertrand, but thank you anyway for the tip) and go over to big food dishes and water bowls and explore. I was not sure of the black box with shiny hole things pointed at me that made clicking noises, but once it was gone, I was quite happy to be left alone. For a day or two it will be OK – after that it might get boring! I do have a couple of perches in there but for a bit anyway I prefer sitting on the floor – on one leg.

I got a piece of pear to eat, and a tiny bit of crust when Mum had this big plateful of food. I noticed dog Angela got several little bits of pork chop AND a couple of bits of bread. Bertrand, giantess, C1 and C2 - do you get nice food? What is your favourite?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Angela's guest appearance

Do you remember the Angela dog I was telling you about? Well, she asked me very politely if she could write something here and I thought it would be churlish to refuse. So, here is a special entry from Angela:

You know I have very seldom sent an email to anyone. So I thought it time to start. Bibbie even has his own blog I note and I don’t want to miss out.

Last night I was on the bed when the passage door was shut. And it stayed shut for quite some time. Bibbie was making up to my mother and I am not sure it is a good thing. He has even started copying the noises I make to him – the cheek of it. He is a young whippersnapper and that is all I will say about him right now – a lady does not speak ill of anyone - not even naked cockatoos.

Last night when Mum sat down for her nice smelling tea of roast vegetables and fish I got my usual dry dog food in a dish. I don’t like fish – but I didn’t get even the plate to lick! For dessert though, Mum had poached quinces with cream and she left me the liquid and some cream which I thoroughly enjoyed. Mum said I obviously like a tipple – didn’t know what that meant but she went on to say there was a splosh of red wine used in the stewing liquid. This morning Mum finished them up, and offered me the liquid again. But I didn’t like it this time – no cream!

It is to be quite hot again today, and I am going to snooze on the bed till Mum comes home from church. We will probably go for a walk then after she has put bibbles out for the day. Afternoon, more like. Still, a leisurely pace suits me right down to the ground – my old bones and joints a=re gettingstiff and creaking these days. No longer can I play all day – I like a run, but get tired very quickly.

I shall now go to have my morning nap

Sunday, March 11, 2007

hard work

I’ve got a job in front of me. She is much bigger than me. My person hasn’t groomed herself since I have been here, so I thought I had better start in on it. I worked on her hand, then nose, then her lips and suddenly – clank! My beak met something hard in there. I used my tongue to have a feel round – her mouth is nothing like mine! Don’t know how she cracks her seeds, to tell you the truth. Maybe those hard things have something to do with it.

Whilst I was doing that, I was distracting her from noticing something else I was doing. Earlier, I had tried it out, and distracted her by scratching, cleaning my beak and preening my stubble. I was standing on her hand with half of my foot – when grooming her, I was half on her hand with BOTH feet! And I got away with it. She didn’t notice. I learnt that sort of diversion from the cat in the house where I used to live. It used to sit and wash when embarrassed or anything. I bossed that cat about but the dog here is a bit big I think. Still, we are getting there. Seems us animals can learn from one another. Wonder when the dog will say “Hello Cocky”? Might take a while.

Oh – I get a dish of fruit and vegetables these days. I eat the spinach, and the apple – I eat the apple off the skin now, in big chunks – and pick the other things over without eating them really. Throw them out sometimes. And I am climbing outside the little safe house cage now though I try not to let anyone see me.

Bye for now folks

Saturday, March 10, 2007

getting to know Angela

I’ve been outed! I now sit on the perch – actually a piece of tree - outside my little cage in the big outside cage. The view is a bit different than from in my little one. One day I will climb up the whole thing, but I am still very cautious of that big Angela dingo dog. She is very eager to get up close and personal with me – closer and more personal than I would like, I fear. She licked my feet last week. And smelled them. Oh dear! And she has BREATHED on me when she puts her nose up against my cage. I was not really frightened as Mum was there, and I was safe in my little cage. Mum says we have to meet each other “within reason”.

Here you can see the Angela dog sniffing at me.

Oh, I keep getting asked for kiss. People say “Give’s a kiss”, screw up their faces and make these smack smack smack noises. Well, I have to get to know them before I will dispense such pleasures, don’t I! but I did put my beak on Mum’s nose yesterday… we breathed on each other. Nice.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Food glorious food

Recently I have been tentatively tasting the things I find in my food dish. Actually I don’t have much choice – it sits on top of the yummy seed! I have to throw it out, and that way am forced to put my beak on it. THAT makes me get a taste. Actually, once you pluck up courage to try it, some things don’t taste half bad!

Tomato I find is pretty to look at and has some sort of sloppy seeds in it. The seeds don’t crack like all seeds should, but for all that, the gooey bit surrounding them is quite tolerable. Apple – well, no longer does it have to be so finely cut up. I made a pig out of myself with apple this morning! .

I love spinach leaves, as they look like leaves on trees and grass. I was never able to eat those, but spinach.. yum! A couple of leaves in the morning, a couple at night, and not every day, but mostly they are lovely. I notice sometimes they are laid out on perches and sticks and ladders in my big cage – usually I can reach them, with an effort, without moving out of my cage or it’s perch out front of it.

In three days, I have eaten a whole small apple. All by myself! I had a bit of banana too. It was sticky and I hated it being on my beak. Mum wiped it off for me. I would not pick it up, nor the tomato – but I grab at spinach and apple once I have tasted them

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

a manicure is a wondrous thing

At last I have some new photos to show you all. I really feel chuffed with them to tell you the truth, and I want to make sure they are appreciated by my fans.

Here is a recent 'full frontal' of me. Notice especially my lovely beak and claws. I am sure you will notice that my beak trim has done wonders for me. The manicure too, but it is not so noticeable. Actually I think my beak has grown back a little, but it is still much more usable as a tool than it was.

In case you need reminding, this is what I looked like before my recent jaunt to the doctors.

See how long my front beak had grown? Never again will it be allowed to get so unkempt.