Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time goes by

Hey I just realized it is a long time since I updated you all.

My life goes on – it has been very cold outside, and one day the rain was sort of slushy.  Mum didn’t think it was snow, rather sleet.  I was glad I was inside in my nice warm house.  It is always warm – must be to do with the fire that is kept going in the stove near me – it eats lots of wood.

The last two times I have had my beak trimmed Mum has put her hand in, grabbed my head, and shoved my beak out the wires of the cage.  The vet then just snips – and Mum lets me go.   I still don’t like it but at least there is no towel and I do not get a sore throat from screeching – this only requires perhaps a 10 seconds screech!  One breath – and a few flaps of my wings.

The Olympics are on TV and Mum leaves it on in front of me.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  I liked the diving best – Mum said she thinks I could do that, and perhaps some of the gymnastics.

I am still enjoying all the foods I have had before, and recently the neighbour brought in a piece of banana cake.  I thought it looked good, and it was.  I asked for some as soon as I saw Mum having a piece.  I had egg on toast again for breakfast – earlier in the week it was scrambled egg.  One thing I don’t think much of is porridge.  But I have had a piece of spaghetti and a tiny serve of lasagne.  Mum said I looked funny with bolognaise sauce on my beak!   It too was a tiny piece, and I had asked for it.  I figure if Mum enjoys it, it is worth considering, and then, I ask if I still think it looks good.  Amazing what Hello Cocky said in the right way does!  If that fails, I progress to a whistle, a little shriek or two – and lots of dancing.  I have never had to progress further than that.

Lucy kitten is almost Lucy cat now and has not been on my roof for some time.  She was soundly told off when she did get up there three or four times, and then again whenever she thought about it.  I am quite safe, my cage is homemade and the wire is very close together so she cannot get more than a single claw inside.  But yesterday, I watched with great interest as she came outside my window and sat on the air conditioner to watch me through the glass!  I watched her too.  In the end she gave up first and climbed the ladder to the top of the tank.  I don’t know where she went from there, but later she was back eating with Dog Angela.

There are some wild ones of me flying about and calling out, but – not for me.  Far too cold out there with them and anyway, I can’t fly.   I watch, but not with envy.  A bird never had it so good as right here!

I am going back to some more serious Olympic watching.  The rowing has been good and maybe there will be more things like that on.  Basketball and hockey and stuff, well they do not grab me.