Sunday, March 30, 2008


The man came in to say hello yesterday and wondered what it was I was eating with gusto.  It was something I like and demand when Mum or Peter have it.  It is..  egg on toast!  YUM!!  Nice soft yolk, squishy toast, all together in my seed bowl.  I grab it with my foot and eat away.  About my favourite.  I got a dish (with about a teaspoon in it!) of porridge-like polenta today.  It had honey and soy milk on it,.  I did not fancy it at all. 

It is cold here now and the fire has been going to keep me warm for several days.  It would be cold outside for those birds I see in the newly planted vegetable garden, even with their clothes on..  I think they are after worms but then again they could be after the seed planted two days ago.  I guess we will all find out when things come up – or don’t as the case may be.

Bye for now


Sunday, March 23, 2008

I talk

I was chatting away, opracticing my sounds, when Mum gott the camera out. now, that is enough to make me shut up like a clam! But eventually I forgot it a bit and said a few noises.

That's all for today folks.



I like to cuddle Mum and give her a kiss as she goes to bed at night. Yesterday she got this box thing out again - she made it click and flash whilst I was kissing her. She did get in a funny position for it though - she is not normally so upside down! She was muttering something about it being hard to kiss me and take a photo at the same time, and wished she had another pair of hands...

My friend

Whilst Angela had to have the back door open so she could come and go, I got a new little friend. he was very young! Mum said he was a blackbird. She never had her camera ready when he visited though. In the end he knew not to try to go through the glass in the windows but to hop towards Mum as she came down the passage, and out the back door. He sometimes sat on my cage roof but mostly he just snacked on Angela's dry dog food. whenhe came up to me we tried to talk but really we did not speak the same language. Seeing him fly about made me rather sad though.

And now, he flies about the back yard and does not come and visit me anymore. He knows how to get throught he open flap for Angela, ashe did it twice in the early stages pre bucket head!

Dog Angela

Dear Angela is very nice to me now, and I felt quite sorry for her when she had to go to the vet - same one who trims my beak - and have her leg fixed. It had a nasty thing growing on it. It is all better now, but she ws a naughty girl and tried to do some surgery on it herself after the vbet had done his stuff. So.. she had to wear a big thing round her neck that Mum called a bucket. That meant she could not get to her leg.. she was very sad.

open garden scheme 2.

A couple of weeks after the first garden Mum went over the other side of the city to near the airport. There was a farm almost on five acres in suburbia. Vineyard, olive grove, lots and lots of vegetables, beehives, chooks - OK, I will translate for those not in my country - chickens and peacocks and outside domed pizza ovens and home made wine and home pressed olive oil and.. even some special seed for me! I could live there very happily and never go hungry. People could, too, I think.

Open garden scheme 1.

Here where I live people open their gardens and people can go through them and have a look. It is a special scheme and I am sure not just anyone can join. But, Mum likes seeing what others ahave done and was especially interested in some vegetable gardens. the first was a normal average sized house block in suburban Melbourne... mmm some good things there!
Talking of figs - Mum bought some, and later was given some, and she shared with me saying "Here Bibs, have some fig - your kind is supposed to like them a LOT". Well, maybe my kind is, but this particular one of my kind does NOT. I threw it on to the floor. I noted I was not given any more! Mum ate them all!

My world February

February was rather boring for me though it was nice to see the garden outside and the lovely crepe myrtle outside my window.

The vegetable garden was going well too - and there will be plenty of pumpkins Mum says. I got my share of tomatoes and zucchinis and beans.

This butternut pumpkin is now big, almost ready to come off the vine,a nd weighs about 3kg! But the leaves of the vine are rather dry and dead looking.
I will post more things, that Mum did and told me about, in a few minutes.