Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well something is going very funny and two emails to the blog have sent themselves it seems. Both half finished, and peculiar. Maybe because this is a strange computer and a mac to boot. More likely because Mum is tired as she has not slept for over 40 hours now.

Joonie the thought of having to chase my food around gives me the horrors too but not maybe for the reason it gives you nightmares. You see, being unable to fly, maybe my food could run faster than I can and I would be VERY hungry. It woud be fresh though Joonie you have to admit. Sammy may have a point..

Mum is in England now and very tired she said. She has the lend of a computer for while she is at SoS's place.

Goodnight from Oz, good afternoon from England


Monday, October 8, 2007

It will be a while...

Well hello everyone – and so long for a bit.


My typist leaves in a couple of hours to go to England for just over seven weeks.  If I can send my thoughts to her, she may be able to sneak a post or two onto my blog, but probably not.


Today she is going to a place called an airport – this one is specifically called Tullamarine (Melbourne) where there are big big birds that fly all over the world.  Apparently hundreds of people get inside their tummies.   I think those big birds might be frightening!  And I guess they can’t just sit in a tree and take off like I am meant to do so they need special landing places.  If only I could fly!   Although, England is a long way, and Mum is bigger than me, so I might not be able to manage it.


I have met Vida and a few other people the last couple of days.  Apparently these are all people who will come and look after me.  And Angela.  They are all very nice and kind, but I do not really know them yet and stand back and hiss at the men.  Vida and the other ladies, I just open my mouth and look as if I am going to hiss!


Silverbeet, the leafy green part, looks like spinach but is much harder.  It needs cooking longer whereas nice young spinach can be eaten raw even by Mum.  Silverbeet leaves she cooks but gives me them raw – just a bit.  I am not really fond of it.  Mum cooks and eats the silvery white stalks too but I have not been given any of that.  Pears, apples, oranges I love!  Mum puts them in my little pink dish and I hoe in.  Get it all over my beak sometimes.  Egg is nice and the bit of omelette I had this morning was lovely.  I saw Mum put cheese and parsley in it as well as fresh home grown asparagus - I saw her cut it from the garden just before she made the omelette.  Can’t get any fresher than that, now can you!


Mum has bought a few tomatoes and they are not bad; carrots if they are sliced thinly by the peeler are nice too.  Broccoli, cabbage, mandarin.. In fact, I want to try EVERYTHING Mum eats these days and scream till I get some to taste.  (Some things Mum won’t give me though.)  To think I used to be scared of everything but bread! 


The other night I had a real problem.  I had been tucked into bed so to speak – the fire stove was making the place all warm and cosy and the lights and my TV had been turned off.  I decided to go into my bedroom from the large living part of my cage.  And I could not!  The door was ajar but would not go wider to let me in!  I tried a bit then got very annoyed and let everyone know about it.  Mum and Angela came in to see what I was fussing about – the lights came on, and Mum started laughing.  She had to open the door of the big cage and then open the door of my little cage wide, then shut the door of the big one again which keeps it in position.  It had not been done that way and the big cage door is too close by far to the little cage to allow the door to swing right open or shut. I looked at Mum and did a quick think.  I was hanging onto the door you see.. – so, Mum and l looked at each other and then I quickly scrambled up onto the cage itself.  Even then my backside hung down so I had to hitch it up.  Mum fixed it all and shut the big door again and I went happily to bed.   


By the time Mum gets back it will almost be summer.  It should be warmer for sure.  Spring can be warm, hot, cool or cold.  Wet or dry – mostly dry the last few years – and windy or calm.  Well it is nice looking at the weather changing outside several times a day whilst I am snug and warm inside.  If I don’t like it one way, I only need wait a couple of hours and it is usually different!  The clocks change too at the end of October – doesn’t make any difference to me but apparently these mammals I live with will get up earlier by the sun so they have light later at night.  They like it.  To me, it is odd.  Why not just use the sun?


Goodbye for a while