Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bibbie talks to you

Here is the Bibster making his video debut!


Usually I get some thin slivers of carrot cut with the potato peeler. But this time it was offered as a stick. I was a bit unsure - it LOOKED like carrot, sure enough, but.. Mum sid to me "Carrot, Bibbie, you like carrot" and as soon as I heard her say carrot, I grabbed it fast and hoed in. Yum! Mooky, you don't know what you are missing.

Perhaps it is the veggies that are making my feathers fluff?

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Re comment on Dancing...

Two Pis and a Poi said...
Oh Bibbie! I wish there was a video of you dancing! I bet you were wonderful!

My reply

Oh I was! I am! Wonderful, that is!

I told Mum about you wanting a video and she took one straight away. I even obliged with TWO "Hello Cocky"s whilst the camera was running. I didn't dance, of course - it is hard to do that sort of thing on cue.

But then we met a huge problem. Mum didn't know how to put the video on the blog. She did remember SoS doing one ages ago, and worked out how to convert it to a format so it would upload.. and then, sent an SOS to SoS who said she had converted it to the wrong format for one thing and she had to create an account on something like youtube and then copy the code and paste it in.. Mum said she had a headache then, and SoS is going away for a while and anyway Mum would have to post (snailmail not email) SoS in London england a cd of it if she was to do it.. it might take a while, that's the problem. Remember, I live in Melbourne Australia which is a long way away from England. If a video gets on my blog in less than a month or six weeks, you will know Mum managed it AND avoided a nervous breakdown from stress.

You will see the big comment with me eating some food that appeared yesterday. SoS sorted out the broccoli part - from single posts in the wrong order - and then told Mum how to do it. So Mum put on the dessert apple part and managed to get it into the end of the broccoli post just as I always intended.

I tell you this to show there is some hope for poor Mum. She does try, but really.. now if only my hands were a bit different, it would be done in a flash!

SoS also suggested a slide show of me might be nice but that is yet another thing for poor Mum to learn!


What's that?

Some weird things get put in my house!

Better take a better look at THAT!

Don't think you can fool me by putting it in the wall...

Hmmnn.. that's not bad...

in fact....

In fact - it's very nice!

Now, here's a change...

Yes, it is good.

Indeed it is good.

Seriously good! I like a nice piece of apple for dessert. Cleans my teeth, too.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I tried out some new steps in light of Swan Lake..   first I stretched out my wings VERY wide and high and then I pointed my toe whilst standing on the other..


I thought I looked very good for a novice ballet dancer, but Mum said it reminded her of the goose-step.  Never mind!..



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swan Lake

I watched Swan Lake on TV Sunday afternoon.  It looked good.  I think I would make a good swan!  Does anyone know of some ballet lessons I could attend?  All those little leg twiddles really got to me.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keep me out of the snow please

It was very cold here yesterday. Today Mum went for a drive and said she found this person up in the hills about an hour's careful drive from home. I am very glad he was not in my back yard! Oooh, chilly indeed. I like to stay nice and cosy by my fire stove. None of that cold white stuff round me, please.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My feathers are lovely

Well here I am, cleaning my beak, biting my fingernails, whatever you choose! but the best bit of it all is - have a look at my feathers! On the back of my neck! I have about four pieces of down there and they are getting longer! Oh, I am so proud of myself. A big achievement, that!

And if you look very carefully, there is a tiny bit of another feather showing down on my right side which is the left side as you look at this picture.

I'm an acrobat!

Peep-oh. I am getting more and more acrobatic. See me do the splits. I sometimes like to sleep like this - one foot on my little inside cage door, one on the wire of my big cage..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beak and Eat!

Yes, folks, it IS easier to eat with a shorter beak. Not so easy to shovel seed out onto the floor, though. And I still don't like to each much apart from seed. Carrot peel is nice, and I asked for and got a little piece of toast a week or so back.

I examined myself carefully today and found, whoo hoo, I definitely have more feathers than I did. I have a short feather growing again on my wing where it broke off last visit to Dr Peter, and a couple of other bits starting. And some bits of fluff on my back and a tiny puff on my lower chest! I am very proud of my new feathers! White and yellow they are. I must get some photos taken of my new clothes.

The fire has been going well the last few days because although it has been lovely and mild and sunny in the middle of the days, it has been very cold in the mornings and evenings. It is staying light later I note, too - it was still light outside at 5.30pm tonight and Mum reminded me the shortest day was around the 21st of June so of course it should start being light later.

Soon I will have something to preen!


Sunday, July 8, 2007

my latest beak trim

Yes, I visited Dr Peter again. This time a nurse held me down. Mum said she could hear me in the waiting room and my screeches showed sheer anger she said - not so much fear, no hurt, just rage! No matter how hard I struggle, they get the better of me and take that long bit of my beak off, top and bottom. I have to admit between us that life is easier when it is short - just don't tell them that!... Bibbie



Thursday, July 5, 2007

To be or not to be...

The question is, don’t you think I do a mean impression of Sir Laurence Olivier?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dead Eye Dick!

I have found out if I hover just right, wiggle just so, I can manage to keep my newspaper carpet clean.  It takes real work to squeeze my guano through this little narrow gap where my door does not shut quite tight.  So it falls on the table where my food is stored or the floor – so who cares?  Not me!  My house stays nice and clean, so I don’t have to wait till Mum cleans it each morning.  Very pleasing!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Mum was working in the garden today.  I could see her through the kitchen window – it looked nice and sunny out and she had taken off her jumper. She was there for a long while, pulling strawberry plants apart and replanting them.  And weeding, and pulling out other things that had been big and bushy in summer.

When she was tidying up and getting ready to come in, I called out “Hello Cocky” to her and she answered!   It was a nice day. And with the fire going, warm inside as well as out.



PS Lady is still here - no Fluffy Bum yet.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Well that is how I feel about it.

I was having a goodnight kiss and cuddle with Mum when I noticed that strange Lady creeping up on her. I had to warn Mum – she knew what I was saying – and she just said Lady would not hurt me if I stayed up where I was instead of thinking about nose dives to the floor (I was experimenting balancing on the threshold of my big cage). And then she pulled my covers right down, put wood in the fire stove, put out the lights – and said goodnight!

So here am I in exile once again whilst the three of them go curl up on Mum’s bed. IT’S NOT FAIR. I WANT A BED!!!!

Birds of the world, unite! We have rights too!


Lady Boots

There is a new dog here. They call her Lady Boots. Or just Lady. She has a wavy tail with a white tip and is smaller than my own Dog Angela. Apparently she is a fox hound.

Well she is only staying a couple of days, but tomorrow we can apparently expect another one called Dakota or Fluffy Bum to arrive. She is fluffy and has a mask like a wolf – they say she is a malamute.

Too many dogs for my liking! My own Angela is nice, she sticks up for me but I am not sure about these new ones. Riff raff!

They are both in on Mum’s bed right now – Angela and Lady. Why can’t I sleep on the bed too, I want to know?

Well at least I can look down on them from my nice secure cage.



Sexy legs!

Mum says I have the sexiest legs she has ever seen! So I thought I would share them albeit the photo is a bit blurry..

things I say and do

Well, not so much say.. Mum was programming the bread baker two days ago and I joined in. That made her work out the beeps I make are me being a bread baker.

Yesterday I decided to be a chain saw. Well, it makes a difference to being a dog!

Bye for a bit – I am going to get SOS to sort this lot of photos and postings out for me now, as she does it so much better than Mum. Makes my blog look really smart, she does!

Bibbie xxxxx

(Sorry, no ooo – I hate hugs and being cuddled – it is usually done in a towel at the vet man!)

My new photo

This new photo of me peeping out of my cosy red igloo, is one I like. There might be a few more coming!

Back again!

Hello Friends

I have not been able to post for a bit – problems with incoming emails meant the internet connection here went slow till the first of the month. So, I have been unable to communicate with you all for a bit. Now it is the first of July, the first day of the new financial year here where I live in Australia, and HERE I AM!

Have you noticed I am talking as if I am a bit more educated than earlier postings? I have been watching TV and some programs on the ABC have been very uplifting. That’s the Australian Broadcasting commission, not the BBC or the American BC (the one 'sos' says is called PBS). I have enjoyed learning things. Mind you, the parliament is on occasionally, question time they call it – and if I acted like that I think Mum would spank my bottom!

Bye for the moment