Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sadly, I have to let you all know - Bibs got crankier and crankier because he became less well and less well - and fell of his perch more and more often and could not get back up easily, would not accept help. After watching him, and antibiotics int he early stages, and consultation witht he vet, we agreed it was better for Bibs to leave this world. That happened Australia Day, about 10.30am 26th Jan 2010. We took him down to the vet that day as bibs had fallen off his perch about 15 hours earleir and slept the night sadly on the floor of his cage, most sadly. He is now with Dog Angela, and two other dogs and a cat, in the garden bed that has become a little cemetary. Bibs has a good spot under an overhanging lavender bush.

Dog Angela got cancer in her shoulder and could not walk - at 45kg, about 100lb, she was too big to carry about even though for the time being we had the pain under control. She had had a good life and was at the end of the normal time span for a dog of her size, anbd seemed very ready to go. The vet came to the house late August so she slipped away peacefully, sleeping first thanks to the sedative, on my bed looking out the window where she spent much of her days as she got older and older. It was very peaceful.

Dog Barnaby arrived 19 days later, fresh from the RSPCA dog home - about 18 months old and he came without a thing, not even a name. He is 8kg, white with coffee and greyish patches here and there, a Maltese Shih-tzu cross. A dear little fellow but as yet we do not know what each other is thinking as did Angela and I.

We have now five chooks - chickens.. lovely birds, who keep sneaking in and eating the dog and cat food. I even found one on my bed, quite content. It was hot this week -so one got a bath.

So - this blog will probably not be updated.. sorry it was so long between posts at the end...