Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank you Joonie and all others for your concern. The weather is indeed dreadful, top temperature for all over state since records kept starting 1850s. fires all over, some only ten fifteen minutes drive from me - Healesville, Chum Creek (Mum and family used to live there) Toolangi, Yarra Glen, King Lake a bit further up (north). Power cuts have not so far affected here which is an answer to prayer..

Hannah under the table again, Lucy Cat and Dog Angela made to stay in and their exit door bl;ocked, air conditioners going in bedroom and kitchen - too small really but made a difference. Iced water for us - I got two ice cubes in my drinking dish! Sort of Brother stayed in too. People were told to stay home and not go out. We didn't.

Have a look at googlemaps, these places are almost Melbourne suburbs out to the east - I live at Croydon which is a suburb a bit closer to Melbourne than the suburb (was a separate town about 40 years back) of Lilydale is. Almost on Maroondah Hwy I am, just by Croydon Rd. I am a lucky boy but my wild brethren and koalas and everything else will be having it tough if not killed by heat or fires..

Newpapers here are The HeraldSun and The Age - website for it is and the abc website, like England;s BBC - google abc melbourne radio 774 and you will get links to it .. good luck and thank you for your concern everyone