Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello Folk

I thought of starting with something like "Hello Fans" like Dame Edna Everage but decided against it. For those who have not have the pleasure, I am sure a google search for that person will bring up the details along with those of "her" alter ego Barry Humprhries.

Right now I am sitting in my cage in the kitchen dictating this to Mum using the computer. My house is quite nice clean neat and tidy as of last night, thanks Mum. I am doing my best to make it as bad as it was before you cleaned it - I just love throwing seed all over, ripping and shredding my newspaper carpet, throwing my other foods about - throwing down my water dish so it all gets wet, seed dish on floor too. I just wish I could find a way to get those dishes outside my house totally - I think it would make nice patterns of the floor of the kitchen - dark tiles, nice seed all over artistically then followed by a flood of water to make nice sort of drift lines in it - rahter like those magnetic fields you see if you use iron filings to show them up. Mum is horrified, I can feel her thinking it.

Stewie Sun Conure I hate to say it but my human Mum is pretty hopeless when it comes to blogs. She has sent your request off to my Sort of Sister who lives in London. SoS does all this technical stuff for me but she is very busy so it takes some time to happen.

The winter vegetable garden outside is starting to produce now. Mum has picked some winter greens to go in sandwiches and so on and I got a share! There is not enough to make a salad of them yet - the things are still quite small. Mum said we would eat them tiny like in gourmet restaurants. I enjoyed them. We even had some beetroot leaves along with the silverbeet leaves, assorted lettuce varieties and rocket. The beetroot themselves are nowhere near ready to pull - neither is anything else like turnips, swedes (rutabagas) carrots or parships. You people in snowy winter places - no snow here so things can grow year round if they are not things that like heat and lots of daylight - like tomatoes, green beans, zucchine etc. The broccoli is starting to make those nice little flower bits in the middle - if Mum keeps feeding them every ten days or so they will keep growing and be ready to eat soon!

Well time to get Mum to light my fire - it is quite cold in my kitchen. Which reminds me - I love my cuddles with Mum. I will not get on her shoulder but am thinking about it. I take a long time - might be a year yet before I take that tentative first step. But I just love grooming her - her feathers get SO untidy - and she has nice funny things on the side of her head that are good to nibble and coo into. Some of her other feathers she takes off and then after some time in a white box with bubbles and water (I look through the window in the door) they come out and she hangs them up - sometimes outside but in winter more usually inside on the rack near the firestove. Now isn't that strange? As for me, I have a piece of fluff on the back of my neck I can puff out, almost as if it is a crest! MOST impressive and I am very proud of it.

Bye for now