Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well something is going very funny and two emails to the blog have sent themselves it seems. Both half finished, and peculiar. Maybe because this is a strange computer and a mac to boot. More likely because Mum is tired as she has not slept for over 40 hours now.

Joonie the thought of having to chase my food around gives me the horrors too but not maybe for the reason it gives you nightmares. You see, being unable to fly, maybe my food could run faster than I can and I would be VERY hungry. It woud be fresh though Joonie you have to admit. Sammy may have a point..

Mum is in England now and very tired she said. She has the lend of a computer for while she is at SoS's place.

Goodnight from Oz, good afternoon from England



caiquecrazy said...

Hello Bibbie. So nice to meet you.

Was wondering if you'd be interested in swapping links with another parrot based blog??

Joonie the Too said...

We miss you Bibbie. Hope all is going well.

joonie the Too said...

It's been so long, I hope you are okay.