Wednesday, April 23, 2008

screams in the night

Sometimes I like to sit on my bedroom door.  It is narrow, and of course on hinges so it moves.  Mum wedges it open with the big cage door shut hard against it, but it still wobbles.  Last night I was sound asleep when – I fell off!  I screamed and screamed.  Mum and Sort of Brother arrived and lights went on – just in time to see me turn right way up and start climbing up from the floor of my big cage.  I was very frightened and very embarrassed.  Once they saw me inside my bedroom instead of on the door, they turned the lights off, said “Goodnight Bibbie” and went back to bed.   

I might give the door a miss for a while – it was almost time for me to choose a new resting place anyway – I tend to spend about a week in each of three or four places. 

Quite shook me up it did.  Mum and SofB (SoS is alright for sort of sister but Mum said I should not say SoB) seemed quite stirred up too as they had been asleep too they said. 


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Sharon said...

You need to be careful Bibbie you can hurt yourself!