Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mum's back

Well, SHE came home yesterday.   It has been a long time since she left – just over seven weeks in human time.  I had just got used to my alternate arrangements and was settling in nicely – now, my routine is all upset!  I will punish her for going by not letting her stroke me and will certainly not kiss her for a bit.  I have not even taken food from her hand!  But I did charge down my perch to the treat dish before she had withdrawn her hand, I just could not resist.


Dog Angela has forgiven her already – it only took a few hours and she was asking for her tummy to be rubbed and so on.  It will be a bit longer before I go back to how I was before.


All is well though and the vegetable garden has rioted. My feathers have not – though I am a little fluffier than seven weeks ago.


When I have forgiven Mum I will pose for a photo..


Bibbles aka Bibbie



1 comment:

Joonie the Too said...

May I be the first to say online "Welcome Home"!

We are all very happy here to know you and your Mum are doing well.