Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I save the sausage!

Clever me!  Life saver me!  Smoke alarm me!

Mum put some sausages on to cook for Sort of Brother’s dinner as he did not like what she had cooked already.  She told him to watch them and went outside.  She talked to the neighbour.  He did not watch the sausages.  I did.  The room got a sort of smoky smell in it.  It got worse.

I yelled and screamed, screeched and squawked.  Sort of Brother came running to see what was the matter – and worked out what was wrong.  He saved the sausages and was still able to eat them!

Mum came back in as he rescued them.

He should have done as he was told, shouldn’t he?  And maybe Mum should not have gone outside either.  Lucky I was there!

Hero me!







randomness said...

bibbie, you're a hero!

lynetter said...

Bibbie! What a star you are, well done.