Sunday, March 30, 2008


The man came in to say hello yesterday and wondered what it was I was eating with gusto.  It was something I like and demand when Mum or Peter have it.  It is..  egg on toast!  YUM!!  Nice soft yolk, squishy toast, all together in my seed bowl.  I grab it with my foot and eat away.  About my favourite.  I got a dish (with about a teaspoon in it!) of porridge-like polenta today.  It had honey and soy milk on it,.  I did not fancy it at all. 

It is cold here now and the fire has been going to keep me warm for several days.  It would be cold outside for those birds I see in the newly planted vegetable garden, even with their clothes on..  I think they are after worms but then again they could be after the seed planted two days ago.  I guess we will all find out when things come up – or don’t as the case may be.

Bye for now


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Anonymous said...

This was quite an update, and a very lovely one at that. Beautiful garden.

If I remember correctly, you had an anniversary lately, no? You've been with your new mum and Angela Dog for a year. :)

Hope Angela Dog gets well soon!

Hey, don't be throwing figs on the floor, they're really good to eat.