Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life is pretty boring most days now! I sit and look at TV, out the window, huddle up in my nice warm bedroom and scream for food when Mum is doing anything in the kitchen. BUT - there was great excitement the other day. I heard some strange calls outside - Mum rushed to get her camera - and got a photo of some visitors to trees at the back of the neighbour's land. It was about 50 yards from shere she stood so she used the tlelphoto lens and lost a lot of photos but a couple are good. then we stood and listened - and I could hear them cracking the seed pods ont he tree! Oh I was happy to see them!

In case you can't see them, there are two black cockatoos in this photo - they have yellow crests and yellow under their wings. They are probably bigger than me (even if I had my feathers) and make a harsh sort of call. They blend well into the trees, don't they? There was a flock of twenty or more - Mum had real problems seeing them though she could hear them and see the trees shaking.


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