Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I forgot to tell you. There is a new four legged person in this house now - Sort of Brother brought it home. I have seen it when it is held up to meet me and am sure I could put it properly in it's place even if Dog Angela doesn't. It bounds everywhere like it is psycho. It is called Lucy - but as far as I know it could be Lucien. It is sleeping, sort of, here, but it chews and scratches Angela's tail and one day it grabbed onto her snout - Mum said she could just see these eyes imploring her to DO SOMETHING as well as showing puzzlement - Angela eyes, then a lump of white fur hanging on, scratching and biting with the white tummy regions in the vicinity of Angela's nose and mouth. Mum hastily removed the "growth"! Angela seems to treat it like a puppy.


lynetter said...

Lucy looks like Gorbo and seems as if she has the same temperament too... all you need is a smudge of black paint... :-)

Bibbie said...

She had a black patch on her back near her tail for a few days - it wore off after a while but we were not sure if it was a patch emerging like the reverse of gorbo or just dirt.Dirt is what it turned out to be.

She acted like her name should be Lucifer today.

Stewie Sun Conure said...

Hi Bibbie - you are quite cute, even if you don't have all your feathers. My name is Stewie. I used to be an only bird... then my human brought home a second bird. I don't like her. Any tips on how I can drive the new bird out of my nest?

p.s. My human added you to her blogroll. She wonders if you would add us to your site's blog list also?? :)