Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello all

I have had a good time these last few days. Some photos will be coming and three videos too. I look back over the two years almost I have lived here and how I have changed! I now demand, and get, most things I fancy. And instead of just wanting bread and maybe wafer thin apple, I just love apple in chunks, banana, carrot, peaches, eggs in all forms, lettuce, broccoli, celery and all such things. Over Christmas I had a little taste of Christmas pudding and custard and sort of brother gave me nuts too.

And, I think I am wearing more clothes for sure. More fluff in the feather department! I now have something to preen. If you wanted to pop me in the oven you would have to do a bit of feather removal first., Still not much, I know, but I am proud of me growing a few, At this rate, I should be fully feathered again in about 500 years!

Those chooks in the back yard ate lots of apple scraps too. I got some peel and actual apple pieces. OK I had better translate for those non-Australians - chickens, hens, whatever. they lay eggs which Mum likes. So do I! there is I think a short video of them coming soon.

My beak is quite long in these video clips and photos to come - I have another appointment with the vet mMonday. I got some practice in tody when I fell off my perch to the bottom of my cage and my wing became entangled with my food dish. My lound screams brought Mum running but I would not let her help - I screamed louder when she opened my door and tried to help! Gave me quite a turn, that did. A big boy like me falling off my perch indeed. Obviously my balance is not good - I need more feathers so I can fly, at least a little bit.

Dog Angela is very old and grey now, can't take very long walks and spends a lot of the time sleeping. Cat Lucy is no longer a kitten, more like a late teenager, and Henrietta and Hannah Houdan Hen are doing well too. they all send their best wishes.



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