Saturday, January 17, 2009

See my sexy leg! The apple peel I am eating is from an apple from the tree in our back yard and has not had anything sprayed on it. Yum!!!

Don't you think I have more feathers?

I like a kiss and cuddle from Mum.. and guess what? I trust her, so figure that black box thing she points at me sometimes will not hurt me. I remember I used to be scared of it.

Handsome me. I feel like a judge sometimes - and wise, like an owl.


lynetter said...

Bibbie, yes! You have lots more feathers! That has to be at least at 200% increase, well done!!

Joonie the Too said...

Yes, you do have more feathers. I am so happy for you and your Mum. It's summer there now, I guess, and it is hard, cold winter here. We are all doing okay, but the house is a bit chilly.

But your new posts have certainly warmed our hearts. We (Me, and Sammy and the little 'tiels) are glad to hear from you.