Monday, April 23, 2007


Big news today! I am a very lucky boy! Brave too!

Mum went off early today, middle of the night, and when she came back at a decent hour, she had "sort of sister" with her! I hissed at her. She said she liked me silently screeching. Well, not quite the reaction I wanted - I thought I looked fierce!

After a bit, they went out again. For a long time. About 6 hours. And during that time, SOMETHING happened. What exactly is my secret, but Humpty Dumpty comes to mind.

When Mum came home with "s o s" Angela Dog greeted them then ran into the kitchen. They came after her with, as it turned out, presents for me. But I screeched and screeched and Mum called out "Oh no Bibbie is out walking on the floor -he must have fallen out of his cage - and he has screeched to keep Angie away!" S o S said I looked OK and she could see where I had been and it had been for some time too. Rude I thought. Such a fall, about four foot or so and I can't fly, scared the s*** out of me and of course it was on the floor!

I sat by the stove, cuddling up to a rather strange bald looking bird that seems to live a shadowy existence in the oven, whilst my little "security blanket" cage was cleaned (by Mum) and the big one too (by S o S) and then, when presented with it, all new "perched" and washed, I climbed inside my transporter safe cage with a huge sigh of relief. I am back in my big cage, with a fruit skewer and new fruit dish and a swing from S o S installed. I ended up called out Hello Cocky an hour or two later, but really, I am still recovering from my adventure. Mum said she is glad she keeps the door shut when the fire is going in the heater - and will keep it shut all the time now till I get my ladder out. (I heard them talking about roasted and fried bird - quite insulting, really.) At least I did not hear the words "clumsy" or "Klutz" being bandied about, but probably I should have stayed up there, climbing about!

Well, all up it gave me great excitement.

I posed for several photos - as well as with "oven bird" which I would have preferred were dispensed with actually - I would have got back to my safe house faster!

You might get photos to see soon.


Bibbie the non flying bird.

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