Friday, April 6, 2007

Me Me Me in the spotlight

I don't like having photos taken much. A big black machine thing comes close and makes odd noises. But I do like the result... look at me!

These photos are from a few weeks ago but the blog-photo-helper-person has been slack. I will certainly be giving them a piece of my mind when they visit.

But, I hope you agree, it was worth the wait. Look at me, shaking my leg!!! And my smile and a thing that my live-in person helper says is a parsons nose.


Two Pis and a Poi said...

Oh my goodness! You've got a few feathers!! Kudos to you, our friend!

Also, thanks so much for linking to our blog! We're going to add a list of links to other bird blogs, too! That's a great idea! You are right, we birds have to stick together!

Dan said...

Hello Bibble! Hope you're enjoing being the star of the blog!