Friday, May 18, 2007


I have been lying low these last few days. It is colder out now – I don’t even want to think about going outside! Mum lights the fire in the stove near me most mornings and keeps it going all day. I get covers, nice and thick, on my little house at night, and I stay warm and snug inside.

Yesterday and today it looked very gray outside and there was funny wet stuff coming down from the sky. Mum said maybe I didn’t know it was called rain – it has not rained for so long, perhaps I hatched since the last good downpour. Whatever it was, it made a nice sound on the roof – and it can stay well away from me! Mum is pleased about the rain – seems there has been a drought here for years and there may not be enough water.. well all I need is a nice bowl of water to drink from. There is some in a bigger dish called a bath in my big cage but ooh no, not for me!

I keep cleaning my beak and trying to pick it clean but it does not work. And I think I am growing another feather on my other wing – that means one big feather and one short one, and some down on the back of my neck. Whoohoo – I am getting clothes!

Angela Dog comes to check up on me if she thinks something strange is going on. The last time was when someone came to say hello to me and tried to get me to stand on his hand and come out to see him. I strongly disapproved and told him so in no uncertain terms!! Angela Dog came running out to protect me.

Spinach remains my favourite. I have other things put on my kebab but mostly I ignore them. I told it off a few days back – how dare it swing to and fro and bump me!

It was nice to hear from two new people as well as the news of some old friends when I visited their blogs recently..

Bye for a bit



william wray said...

Bibbie should get clothes. I bet he get cold... how about a little feathered goose down sweater?

Bibbie said...

Hi William

Mum knitted me a nice little jumper - white like my absent feathers should be - but when she showed me, I said no way! It is flat now and has two holes for my legs - now, I HATE my feet and legs being touched and this would mean I need to have my feet scrunched up and poked through these holes. It can have little trouser legs knitted into it too but Mum said she thought that would be a waste of time. As for the rest, it has to be sewn onto me along the back. The vet has said he will sttich me in if I have a general anaesthetic..

BUT all folk asked think the jumper = sweater will pull on my stubble and hurt. One lady said her bird hated his, it hurt so much. Vet agrees..

There are apparently little igloo things you hang in my cage and I can get inside if I want - it is like a cape if you can vbelive the pictures on the internet. Maybe Mum will get one for me - it has to come from the US though and is not cheap. well, not for what it is. In the meantime, the fire in the firestove is nice and warm. Mum has a pot of soup and some vegetable curry cooking on it and a lasagne in the oven - it all smells nice! I rather like it.. especially as I got a taste of most of the vegetables she used. Have you tried carrot peelings? the whole chunk of carrot is a bit hard for me, but peeled off with a peeler, well now, it was delicious!

thank you for thinking of me


lynetter said...

Hey Bibby, I think you should get a "bird buddy" to cuddle up to, like Mooky has. What do you think?

Sharon said...

I think a Birdy Buddy would be perfect for Bibbie. They are soft and wouldn't hurt his stubble. They also have something that looks like a tent made out of the same material that Bibbie could climb into... we got one for Mooky but he didn't like it.

Two Pis and a Poi said...

Hi Bibbie!
Sorry it's been so long since we've stopped by! Michelle has been hogging the computer a lot lately.
I hope you are well!
Django, Masti, and Gillie

Sandy said...

Bibbie, you are adorable!! I think my Oouwie would love to play with you. Oouwie is a little cockatiel...I think you're cute..