Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello Cocky

It is my favourite human speech. I am calling it out to get Mum to come and see me. I might start singing and whistling in a bit, just for a change.

It is very cold today and the fire is going. Mum put a blanket over my big cage between me and the glass window, and that made it warmer straight away. Later I will have my little cage covered too – I should be nice and cosy in there!

Yesterday I saw Dr Peter again and had my beak trimmed. I DO NOT LIKE IT! But it is easier to eat and climb with it shorter. Dr Peter said he was quite pleased with my beak as he had not been optimistic when he first saw me. One thing – in all the struggle, I dislodged my half grown new feather.

I am watching TV now – the news has just started. I like TV!

Hello Cocky!



Bibbie said...

Oh Sandy and Oouwie

How nice to hear from you! I think I might like you too, Oouwie.. sad I can't fly to meet you!



Sharon said...

Mooky likes to watch tv too. It seems to be cold where you are a lot... by the way what area do you in?

william wray said...

Bibbie's stories would be better with photo's. You would get more comments too.