Saturday, January 17, 2009

nice apple

I enjoy all fruit. Especially fresh from "my" garden!


Joonie the Too said...

Bibbie, it's great to see you doing so well. I forget that it's summer where you are. It certainly is winter here. It is a real treat to see your mum's beautiful garden. My human is really inspired and is planning on trying a garden again ... if spring ever returns here.

You have more feathers! I am very happy for you.

Take care, Bibbie, and thank you for the great videos and photos.

Bibbie said...

It is certainly summer here - we are in the middle of a heatwave here, round 44C for several days - that's about 110F. The battle is keeping the garden alive as water restrictions are VERY strict (2 hrs twice a week only, between 6 and 8 am) and the tanks, at least 9000 litres = 2000 gallons IMPERIAL = perhaps 2500 US gallons, are almost empty. Lots of buckets of water from sink go out, and shower bath and washing machine water all goes onto garden automatically now, drains connected to hoses. I DO have more feathers, several people have commented. My beak is growing the bottom part too now, vet shapes it nicely for me. when he finishes he tries to make friends by scratching my beak and head; I just glare at him though I don't shriek at that stage. He says I am nice!

niki said...

awww, it's so cute he is totaly showinn off in this video. so proud of himself he is.