Sunday, June 3, 2007

News, and I answer your questions.

Since I have last talked to you my friends, I have been back to that vet man. I had more taken off my beak, and it hurt a little. But it does help me eat. It can go a little longer between snips now – Dr Peter said he thinks I am doing well, contrary to what his expectations were when he first saw me. However, I of course had to struggle and whilst doing it, sacrificed my half length feather. Took me so long to grow it too! I said a rude parrot word to Dr Peter when he said he would get the towel – which both he and Mum apparently understood. I did not speak in human language, just parrot, but they both said it was not complimentary. It certainly wasn’t – they were right about THAT.

I took your suggestion to have more photos seriously William, and after some thought, have agreed to allow more photos of me to be taken and the best of them published. I have “ordered” Mum to download the photos she took this afternoon onto the computer and upload them onto my blog. It will be the first time she has done that – if she can’t do it, it will have to be SOS again and she is very busy so it can take WEEKS. I suggested to Mum that there was a photo put on the blog of the sheet eater, Dog Angela, too. She took some photos of her, at least. (I will tell you a bit more about Angela and sheets in the next posting.)

Oh, you want to know where I live! (Just going through my mail, here.) It is in Melbourne Australia. Down the bottom right side sort of, of the map of Australia. That means it is not so warm as the top bits which are further north, so nearer the equator. I know people in the Northern Hemisphere do things differently, but here, south is colder and winter is in June July and August. We don’t have snow, and not many frosts even, but it is still quite cold. This house and most older houses do not have central heating, so people wear a jumper = sweater in winter, sometimes more than one if it is really cold. And they turn the heater on – or light the fire! God gave us birds feathers to keep warm, but something went wrong with me…



Sharon said...

Happy to hear you're doing well. And thanks for responding to my comment regarding where you live.

Sandy said...

Enjoyed reading about you Bibbie. I've always wanted to visit Australia. sandy