Monday, June 18, 2007


I played a trick the other day.

There is a man who sometimes comes and chops wood at this house. I watch and supervise from my cosy warm house inside. The man looks up to make sure I am watching him occasionally.

Well normally I refuse to talk or have anything to do with him when he comes inside near me. He is used to me giving him a silent hiss and backing right away. And he refuses to believe I talk or do anything, let alone say hello Cocky.

This time, he sat down at the kitchen table with his back to me. I mean, how rude can you get? And then I thought, aha, here is my opportunity. I waited till he was nice and relaxed, having a bite of cake and a cup of coffee, till suddenly I let fly with my loudest voice HELLO COCKY.

It was worth giving up my secret, I tell you. Laugh! I nearly fell off my perch laughing. It was marvellous! The man rose up and then down in the same spot on his chair, spilt his coffee, and whipped around saying ‘THAT was hello cocky for sure, and so loud!!” He was laughing too.

Since then I have entertained Mum more and more, giving her kisses, songs and whistles.


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