Sunday, June 3, 2007

New things for ME!

Hello Everyone!

I just have to tell you of the changes that appeared this afternoon!

First off, Mum made herself a tracksuit out of some green fleecy stuff. When she had finished, she got some bits of it and sewed them up, like a tassel she said, and then tied it in my little cage! I will investigate that tonight. Then she got some more of the same nice green soft cuddly stuff and made a sort of cape she suspended from the roof of my big cage. I have had lots of good looks at that, but it seems quite harmless and even friendly.

Then out came an old red quilted bedspread that used to go on her bed to keep Dog Angela from ruining the good stuff. Mum cut a big piece off, and doubled it up – and then sewed it into a shaped cover for my little cage! Now it is red and cosy both inside and outside and has a nice gap where my door is. The rest Mum sewed into a fitted sheet style so can still use it to cover her bed. Dog Angela likes to tear sheets if Mum goes out too much. This is apparently an attempt to stop her doing that.

It was then dark outside and getting cold – so the cover went on my house, and I went in. I said “hello cocky” a few times to Mum before sending her away to update my blog…

Goodnight Bibbie


Sharon said...

That green & yellow fleecy thing looks like a homemade cage buddy to keep you warm.

That's a real cute picture of you!

Two Pis and a Poi said...

Bibbie! It sounds like your mama loves you very much to do all that for you!