Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hello Cocky!

Hello Cocky!

It is my favourite saying.

It is COLD now, even in my nice warm internal cage with the cover on. Even with the fire going in the stove. Mum went outside at 7.30am this morning and said it was zero celsius. She put the gas heater on as well as lighting the fire and it still took time to warm up.

Dog Angela had her visit to Dr Peter yesterday and got stabbed in the scruff she said so she will not get nasties like parvo and other things. She got liver treats from Dr Peter and the nurses, and from Mum a pig's ear and a long walk as rewards. When she came home, Mum had to go out, and Angie got even. She could not get that fitted sheet style bedspread off the bed so she ate right through it and pulled a pillow out. Mum was VERY cross and I heard all about it. Dog Angela absented herself into the back garden. Now I would never do that - I just flap and screech and try to gently bite any hand trying to grab me!

One day soon I might be able to say "Give's a kiss" and "Pretty Boy". If Mum records me maybe SoS can work out a way to get it here so you can all hear me!

there are some photos that have not made it onto this blog so I will see if Mum can remember how to do it. I would, but my feet = hands don't work quite right for computers.

Bye for now


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Sharon said...

Sounds like the treats weren't enough for Dog Angela.