Saturday, September 8, 2007

Alex the Grey died this morning.

Oh dear I am sad too.  My bird friends departing to bird heaven and us all left here missing them.  Vale Alex.


Sammy might become quite a friend now once you get properly used to each other. 


It is sunny again and no rain – looks like we are fronting up to another season of no rain following years and years of little or no rain – it is getting worrying.  Mum is using buckets to move tank water from outside to bathe in, and then using it again into the (front loading so she uses a small jug to ladle with) washing machine and catching it outside (it now goes onto the garden instead of into the drain) and bringing it in to flush the loo.  She says three uses for water is not bad.  The rinse water from the washing machine goes onto the garden.  But sometime not too far away the tanks will be empty and she will have to start using mains water when allowed.  Not that she will be allowed to use it for too much longer.  We hope for some showers Sunday night or Monday which MAY top up the tanks and then – it will be really work to save it for the garden I think.  I do my bit – I don’t drink a lot!


I think – don’t tell anyone yet – I am getting fluffy ankles.  If my legs get feathers all over and the rest of me doesn’t it will look like I am wearing leg warmers or pantaloons!  What fun! 






Joonie the Too said...

Bibbie, if I could mail your Mum enough water for her garden, I would, but it doesn't want to stay in the shipping box. The postman was a little upset at my first attempt.

I had no idea you were experiencing such a serious drought. It seems we don't get very good news here in the States about the outside world unless it involves Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie going overseas to adopt children.

Your Mum is a very resourceful lady and very clever about how to conserve water. I will pass the information on to my human. We have a drought here, too, but it has not been on the scale as yours. JoonnieMom decided to try growing vegetable plants in garden boxes on the deck but the soil dried out much faster than she anticipated, and the whole garden was a total failure. So she decided to support her local farmers and buy food from them instead of the corporate grocery chains.

Yum, there's nothing better than locally grown vegetables. I've been observing Sammy eat fresh squash, pumpkin and carrots and I decided if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me. Good decision on my part, I must say.

While I haven't quite accepted the idea of sharing my life with this strange, rude bird, I have to say that Sammy's vocabulary has its benefits. When our water bowls get dirty, Sammy will yell "FRESH WATER!" and the JoonieMom cheerfully obeys.

Hmmm....maybe I can teach Sammy to say "MORE WALNUTS!". I love walnuts.

Joonie, again said...

Oh, I forgot to say that, Bibbie, I think you will look FABULOUS in leg warmers. We are all waiting with great anticipation for your fashion debut. Maybe when your Mum has returned from her trip, you can give her a wonderful surprise! What a grand homecoming gift that will be!

Sharon said...

Sorry to hear about Alex.

Bibby in leg warmers how funny!

Joonie the Too said...

Bibbie, hope everything is going well with you and your mum and Angela Dog. We are all looking forward to new photos of you in your leg warmers.

~ : >

Um, does that emoticon look like a cockatoo?

caiquecrazy said...

Hello Bibby!

Was wondering if you are interested in trading links with another parrot blogger?

Bibbie said...

yes that does look like me, a parrot emoticon! Whoohoo!

And yes, I qyuite enjoy meeiting my ind of people all over the world and linking to them - but my Mum who does the typing has to pass tht task off to SOS in London ont he other side of the world, so it might take a little time.

Photos and news of me will be coming soon, a day or two, I expect.