Monday, September 3, 2007

No excitement PLEASE

Re  <<<<I am envious, Bibbie. Your life is an adventure filled with surprises and, as Darwin said, giant leaps for birdkind.>>>>


Oh Joonie here are you envying me and I envy you!  A bird to talk to and nothing terrifying happening.  I think I could do with some boredom!  And - the closest I get to a bird to talk to is either through the window at the back of the yard, OR a frozen chicken on the way between freezer and oven, poor thing.   They have no feathers either!


Yesterday I watched Mum putting tomato seedlings into the ground.  She has put bottles in so she can pour water into them and it gets down into the soil instead of evaporating from the surface.  She said she will give it a good watering today on the garden bed (it was supposed to rain over night but it was just a light shower) and then put mulch all over it, thickly.  She said I can watch her plant little seeds in the umbrella sort of plastic greenhouse, too,  That’s the sort of excitement I like, Joonie, not falling off my perch!


Say hello to Sammy for me – he will settle in soon I hope?  He is not sort of decrepit, is he?  Bet he has feathers..




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joonie the Too said...

I have a plan.

I can FedEx smart-talking Sammy to you and then you can spend all your days trying to get a word in edge-wise.

Sammy acts like he's an Oxford graduate and wrote the English Dictionary all by himself. He's decided he's the Alpha Bird based solely on being a whopping 29 years old; after all, I am just a 2 year old. He makes me feel stupid.

Decrepit? Not at all, this nasty bird is going to live for-ev-er.

He really is trying to usurp my place on the perch. Today I told my mom "I love you" and Sammy screamed, "You're a liar, a big fat liar!" I hope my mom doesn't believe anything he says.

And he bites. I tried to tell him that it is not nice to bite the hand that feeds you, but he just made this outlandish burping sound in response. Sammy has no manners at all. Rude bird. Totally uncivilized.

If I could have my druthers, I would have a kind, sweet bird for a roommate, like you, Bibbie.

I am not so smart, I am thinking it must be spring where you live, as your mum is planting seeds. I think it is now turning into Fall here. The wild birds are flying south. They must know something I don't.