Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Spring and Joonie and Sammy

Oh Joonie you make me laugh with the story of how Sammy talks!   Have you told him the story of the rude bird that so disgusted his human, that in the end the human put him in the freezer for a few minutes?  It taught the rude bird such a lesson – he came out, very polite, apologising for his rude behaviour.  THEN he asked what the poor chicken had done to deserve its fate.  I don’t think you need worry Joonie – your Mum sounds as if she knows how things are.  As for getting Sammy here – why not turn him loose and let him FLY here?   It’s the only way he could get here to be honest, I think – there are strict laws about quarantine and things and I suspect Sammy might not pass.  Shall we agree to keep that bit secret – he might get an inferiority complex if he knew?   On the other hand…     

I would like to meet you face to face too Joonie but would not like to give you my virus and have you loose all your feathers too.  Perhaps we had better leave our locations as they are!

Yes it is spring here now in Melbourne Australia.  Just – it officially started 1 September.  But already we have had days where the fire has not been needed, and Mum is working outside in jeans and t-shirt.  Of course, it is sometimes still cold too – some days the max is only about 15 or 16 deg C = 59 – 61 deg F.  Better than the 10 or 12 we had occasionally in the depths of winter.  Still it is a bit early for tomatoes and things to be planted out so Mum is protecting them with plastic and paper if it is going to be cold (below about 3 deg C about 37,38 deg F) at night.  Mum might have to go to England soon to help her Aunt who has to have an operation and lives alone..  so she wants to get things planted before she gets the phone call to say the operation is booked.  Seems strange to me, but that is apparently the way the National Health system works in England.  Here too, apparently, but at least you get a bit more notice locally I think.  As for Angela and me, things are being lined up to get people to come in and do our daily care twice a day, and others to come and sit for company every day or so.  Mum is also trying to get someone to come and live in the house with us but is not having a lot of luck. Even so, it will not be as nice as her being here all the time like now.

I have sat on Mum’s had again a couple of times, and investigated up her sleeve and so on.  I do enjoy a nice cuddle!  And right now, I will enjoy watching Mum pegging the sheets on the line to dry.  Such fun watching them flap in the sun and breeze, too!





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Joonie the Too said...

Sammy is very sad today. Alex the Grey died this morning. We are all very somber. I think I respect Sammy more for his concern about this. He's not such a bad bird afterall.