Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm still here

Hello Everyone
I am still here and doing well after another traumatic visit to the vet.
Would you believe the indignity? I had the snip so to speak much against my wishes, and then Dr Peter let me go to find my own way back into my safety house. But I could not climb! I heard him say "Oh, now you don't have a hook, do you?" and he tried to pick me up again. NO WAY!! So he let me try again - I thought of walking off the edge of the table away from him, actually - and as I started to climb in, he put his finger under my backside and helped me in! I pretended I did not notice. It was bad enough it happened without me acknowledging it. It was a big help though.
The other news is, Mum has to go to England for seven weeks to help her aunt as she recovers from an operation. Apparently I am to stay here and will get fed twice a day by one of two men who will come and visit and water the garden and talk to Angela and me. Dog Angela will go to another house for each night apparently and will be taken for walks too; me, I will sit in my house as ever. Mum says she will ask them to turn the TV on and off for me.
I wil have to be taken to the vet by one of them too for the monthly beak trims. I do not like the idea at all. Bad enough when it is Mum with me. I do not like men!
There are things growing in the garden now - the fruit trees are in blossom and there are intersting things growing in the vegetable patch. I will put some of the photos in for you. think they may go up the top in a new post though. Sorry!
bye for a bit

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joonie the Too said...

Bibbie, I would have written you sooner but I have been very busy trying to get an almond out of a block of wood. My mom bought this "toy" months ago and it's been hanging in my home ignored and untouched. For some reason, today it captured my full attention and I am obsessed with extracting the hidden treasures.

On paper it looks easy. Bright orange block of wood with holes bored in it and the holes are stuffed with unshelled almonds. Should be relatively simple to pluck those plums, no?

It has been the devil of a morning attempting to get just one taste of an almond. I am tired and frustrated, and I feel the need to scream at the top of my air sacs as to how I feel about this impossible puzzle. ( I'm just telling you all this so you won't get suckered into the Big Orange Almond Block Scam.)

Then I thought I would visit with you instead and keep a positive attitude.

Bibbie, with your mum being away and all, will you still be able to commune with your feathered friends? Seven weeks is not so long in parrot years, but still, you will be missed if your friends don't hear from you. (Don't tell Angela Dog about Dog Years and stuff, okay? Seven weeks is like...a long time for dogs. I would do the math if I could, and I guess I should ask SAMMY aka EINSTEIN the PARROT, but I won't!!!!!)

Also, I am curious about silver beets. I've never seen silver beets before. Are they really silver? I've seen red beets and once, some orange ones (oh, there I go again, I AM obsessing over color!).

It is autumn here and the farmers' market choices are getting slim. We're down to pumpkins, cabbage, squash and late over-ripe tomatoes, but mom's excited about the early pulled green tomatoes. She slices them, coats them in cornmeal and beaten eggs and then fries them. I hope she never tries to make me eat any of that! Yuck!