Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beak and Eat!

Yes, folks, it IS easier to eat with a shorter beak. Not so easy to shovel seed out onto the floor, though. And I still don't like to each much apart from seed. Carrot peel is nice, and I asked for and got a little piece of toast a week or so back.

I examined myself carefully today and found, whoo hoo, I definitely have more feathers than I did. I have a short feather growing again on my wing where it broke off last visit to Dr Peter, and a couple of other bits starting. And some bits of fluff on my back and a tiny puff on my lower chest! I am very proud of my new feathers! White and yellow they are. I must get some photos taken of my new clothes.

The fire has been going well the last few days because although it has been lovely and mild and sunny in the middle of the days, it has been very cold in the mornings and evenings. It is staying light later I note, too - it was still light outside at 5.30pm tonight and Mum reminded me the shortest day was around the 21st of June so of course it should start being light later.

Soon I will have something to preen!


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