Sunday, July 8, 2007

my latest beak trim

Yes, I visited Dr Peter again. This time a nurse held me down. Mum said she could hear me in the waiting room and my screeches showed sheer anger she said - not so much fear, no hurt, just rage! No matter how hard I struggle, they get the better of me and take that long bit of my beak off, top and bottom. I have to admit between us that life is easier when it is short - just don't tell them that!... Bibbie




Anonymous said...

Sorry you have to put up with that, but the trimmed version does look far more comfortable!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Bibbie, and for adding me to your links list. I’ve linked back to you, as well.

Sharon said...

I know it must be rough on you but your beak looks so much better after the visit to the vet.

It must also be easier for you to eat... right?

william wray said...

We stopped cutting Mookies wings becasue of the horror of it all-- But that beak msut be trimmed!