Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lady Boots

There is a new dog here. They call her Lady Boots. Or just Lady. She has a wavy tail with a white tip and is smaller than my own Dog Angela. Apparently she is a fox hound.

Well she is only staying a couple of days, but tomorrow we can apparently expect another one called Dakota or Fluffy Bum to arrive. She is fluffy and has a mask like a wolf – they say she is a malamute.

Too many dogs for my liking! My own Angela is nice, she sticks up for me but I am not sure about these new ones. Riff raff!

They are both in on Mum’s bed right now – Angela and Lady. Why can’t I sleep on the bed too, I want to know?

Well at least I can look down on them from my nice secure cage.



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