Saturday, July 28, 2007


Re comment on Dancing...

Two Pis and a Poi said...
Oh Bibbie! I wish there was a video of you dancing! I bet you were wonderful!

My reply

Oh I was! I am! Wonderful, that is!

I told Mum about you wanting a video and she took one straight away. I even obliged with TWO "Hello Cocky"s whilst the camera was running. I didn't dance, of course - it is hard to do that sort of thing on cue.

But then we met a huge problem. Mum didn't know how to put the video on the blog. She did remember SoS doing one ages ago, and worked out how to convert it to a format so it would upload.. and then, sent an SOS to SoS who said she had converted it to the wrong format for one thing and she had to create an account on something like youtube and then copy the code and paste it in.. Mum said she had a headache then, and SoS is going away for a while and anyway Mum would have to post (snailmail not email) SoS in London england a cd of it if she was to do it.. it might take a while, that's the problem. Remember, I live in Melbourne Australia which is a long way away from England. If a video gets on my blog in less than a month or six weeks, you will know Mum managed it AND avoided a nervous breakdown from stress.

You will see the big comment with me eating some food that appeared yesterday. SoS sorted out the broccoli part - from single posts in the wrong order - and then told Mum how to do it. So Mum put on the dessert apple part and managed to get it into the end of the broccoli post just as I always intended.

I tell you this to show there is some hope for poor Mum. She does try, but really.. now if only my hands were a bit different, it would be done in a flash!

SoS also suggested a slide show of me might be nice but that is yet another thing for poor Mum to learn!


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Sharon said...

Your mum needs to open an account on and upload the video there first then from youtube to your blog. That's how I get Mooky's videos on his blog. A video of you dancing would be a real treat.