Friday, August 31, 2007

Great excitement

Hello Folks

Indeed there have been two events of great excitement.  The first – I stepped both my feet onto Mum’s hand tonight – twice!  - and stayed there for a few minutes on both occasions.  I can get closer to her face from there – had a good look up her sleeve as well.  I scrape my beak all over and nibble her fingers and so on..  she doesn’t seem to notice a thing! 

Shortly after that I had been told to go to bed, it was too late for a birdie to be up, in the semi light of the glow from the firestove.  And then - IT happened.

I somehow got stuck half falling off my perch and the edge of my bedroom door – I screamed and screamed and screamed.  Mum came running, Dog Angela came running – the lights came on – just as I was able to climb back onto my perch as normal.  I was quite disgruntled and fluffed up by then!  Mum stroked me and said I was a good boy and then she moved my bedroom cage closer to the front of the big cage so if I fell again I would not have to do the splits to get back up.  I calmed down a bit and then Mum said bedtime again and turned off the light.  I was pleased to see that both Mum and Angela came to help me and see what was wrong – that Dog Angela is not such a bad sort really.  And I am settling down for the night.  A good cup of coffee would not go amiss, but somehow us birds don’t get offered coffee.



Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day of adventure! Sorry about your bedtime mishap, but I bet it felt great to perch on your Mum. Good for you! One small step for Bibbie, one giant leap for birdkind.

I've never been offered coffee, either. Hmph. Mammals. I really like 'em for the most part, but sometimes can't figure 'em.

Joonie the Too said...

I am envious, Bibbie. Your life is an adventure filled with surprises and, as Darwin said, giant leaps for birdkind.

What do I get? Another roommate. An old, cranky, foulmouthed African Grey who is stealing my Quality Time with my mom. Seems Grandmom can no longer take care of Sammy so the old bird shows up here, and mom has the nerve to park Sammy's cage next to mine. Oh! The Indignity!