Wednesday, August 1, 2007

update on video

Well what do you think?

I have to say, on listening to it, my "Hello Cocky"s could be clearer. but there it is, it is the way I say it. Perhaps some elocution lessons would help! Mum thinks I was taught to say Hello Cocky by someone with an accent that is not local Australian.

Mum managed to get the video converted and uploaded to youtube, then SoS got it to the blog for me. Mum was spitting chips before she managed the upload - the getting enrolled and listed on youtube was hard as it thought she was someone else, not me, Bibbie!

I have not learned any new phrases but I do make nice songs and things. If Mum sneaks up round the corner so I don't see the camera you may be able to hear them. I do not really like that box that clicks and whirs - so far it has not hurt me, but you never know! Presently Mum keeps asking me "Who's got sexy legs?" so maybe one day I will say that, too.



the giantess maggie-pie bunny said...

Well bibbie, I think YOU have got sexy legs for one. But it would be a good thing to learn to say, for sure. Certainly, I enjoy being complimented on my legs, which happens often when I do my special lie-down with my legs straight out back behind me... I lie flat and make myself go as long as I can, which is VERY!!

Joonie's Mom said...

Bibbie, you've found a big place in our hearts over here in the States. You are one lucky guy to have found your new Mum, she sure does take good care of you!

Joonie the Too says hello! (over and over, it's the only word he knows)