Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hooray - videos made it

Well folks, SoS got Mum sorted out from America and now my videos have made it onto my blog.

It is getting warmer here so the firestove does not need to be lit every morning now.

Today I saw Dog Angela sneak in with something dead, furry and smelly while Mum was out. When Mum came home all the doors and windows were opened, there was something sealed into a garbage bag, and there was a lot of spraying with disinfectanty sort of things going on. Mum was not pleased! Neither was Dog Angela - I think she thought it was something special and it had just matured nicely.

SoS emailed from on holiday that the planes let her down by being late so connections were not made, and she ended up driving 14 hours to get her luggage because the plane took it where she should have gone but didn't - and then 14 hours back. SoS, if I could fly I would have taken you with much less trouble. Maybe we can learn to fly together?



Sharon said...

Great videos Bibbie! Did you find out what Dog Angela snuck into the house?

Bibbie said...

Mum thinks it was a dead possum. Angela likes them and tries to climb trees to get them. She is normally unsuccessful which is good becausue they are protected animals here, being native ones. Still a real pest though and they pinch the fruit off fruit trees JUSt before it is ripe, get into the roof space of houses, and so on and are a real nuisance. It is funny to see Angela trying to climb a tall tree or the lposts that have the street lights and electricity wires etc on them p the possums tightrope walk the wires and look down teasing Angela. They mostly come out at night and sleep in the day... this was about the size of a rather small cat.