Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tired me

Hello Folks


Just thought I would let you know I am lying low for a couple of days, getting back my strength.  Fighting Dr Peter really takes it out of me!  Yes, my beak is nice and short again and I am enjoying the ease of eating.  It was trimmed Tuesday – I slept just about all of Wednesday, but enjoyed the odd tickle and cuddle from Mum even so.  Today I have said a couple of Hello Cockys.  I didn’t feel like talking earlier – I screamed so much my throat was all tuckered out.  I got a piece of mandarin, but threw it on the floor.  This morning earlier though I did enjoy a bit of carrot peeled off with the vegetable peeler, and a little bit of egg, mostly yolk.  Mum said she does not like to give it to me really, she thought it was almost making me a cannibal!   (Still, it makes an appearance every few days, whenever Mum has a cooked egg herself.)  Maybe I will get some cabbage later when Mum cooks her dinner.


For now, I am happy sitting looking out the window.  Mum was out there yesterday planting some seeds and checking those she planted a few weeks back.  They are slow to come up because it is so cold I think – but so far, we look like having lots of beetroot in a few months.  There are broad bean plants several inches high, too.  Perhaps there are a few swedes (rutabagas in the US) turnips or mini cabbages coming up – Mum said they all have the same sort of leaf in the early stages and she can’t remember which went in where!   Yesterday it was more carrots and parsnip seeds and mini cauliflowers, and also, under glass jars to make glass houses, some tomato seeds!  Mum saved them from last year – so the few she put in of three kinds of tomatoes will not matter if they do not come up.  It is still officially Winter here and we had a frost two nights out of the last three – and it was almost zero again last night.  What does she think – tomatoes in winter?  Still, there are some hardy green things hanging on the single scraggly vine, still ripening the odd (foul tasting) tomato.  Frosts and all!


There is a nice smell about the house too because Mum picked violets (white as well as the purply sort) and daffodils and jonquils yesterday.  They are nice.


There have been lots of messages on my youtube videos, and more on my blog.  So thank you one and all for your kind thoughts and friendship.  It will take a week or more before I really get back into feeling like having more videos  - and photos - taken!








Joonie the Too said...

Hello Bibbie! Glad to hear from you again.

My mom finally got up the nerve to get me a website, she's registered a domain name called and is trying to figure out what to do with it. I don't see what the problem is, since it's going to be all about ME! And she won't let me help her, she says all I do is take the buttons off the keyboard (I can't help myself, it's so much fun!).

Get rested up, Bibbie, I'm looking forward to more of your videos!

Joonie the Too

Sharon said...

Bibbie hope you're all rested! Sounds like Mum knows how to take care of you when you're under the weather.

Mooky likes taking buttons off the keyboard too... must be a bird thing!