Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I had better tell you I am Bibbie, back again to say hello. You might not recognise me otherwise. I am so proud of my new clothes. Mum says I am getting more and more feathers and she wishes I would pose nicely for a photograph of my back so you could see better. But there is no way I will let that black box sneak up where I can't see it - that is, unless I have fresh new food in my dish. You will see some more photos of feathery me below. too. Don't I look good!

The weather is warmer - it got to 25deg Celsius yesterday. Most days I don't need the fire lit till the evening and really I didn't need even that last night. Winter is on the way out -officially spring starts 1 September here.

I have heard talk of what I will have happen to me - and Dog Angela - when Mum goes to Egnland soon. she does not know quite when as it depends on when her relative has an operation in a public hospital. They don't usually give you a date a long way ahead. At the moment I willhave aman come and feed me twwice a day, turn my television on and off, put my cover on and off, and so on. But if that does not work I will be going to Dr Peter's hotel and maybe sit in reception and talk to people. I would like that I think especially if Dr Peter does not get those beak clippers out. apparently dog Angela will sleep at the man's house and come here and spend the days with me. Mum has said she is concerned it is all OK and will not go unless she is sure we are not looked after properly. She used to go to England for about 10 weeks at a time, but says she thinks it will be a lot shorter this time as she wants to get back to us.

There will probably be no vegetable garden this summer. It is already dry, and some seeds Mumplanted came up then died for lack of water. It is still winter and gets the occasional short rain shower at night so they should be OK. but they weren't. Mum says plants have feelings too and she does not want to go away and have them all die, so.. there are tanks to collect rainwater and they are mostly fuoll, but if it does not rtain then they get used up and there is no more. Water restrictions mean it is not possible to water gardens properly unless you have tanks and lots of them.

I am going to post another couple of photos of me, above this, now.

Farewell for a bit



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