Thursday, February 8, 2007

Can I have some donut please?

Hello. This is another photo of me. You might think I look odd, but I just think I'm special. I only miss my feathers when I want to fly. Now how about letting me have a bite of that donut, hmmm?


C1 your London cousin said...

Hello Bibbie, I am your cousin from 'over the pond'. I too once lost lots of my feathers, so I can sympathise. I am a hen though, so luckily mine grew back. What is this 'beak and feather' thing you talked about? I hope we don't ever catch that.

Bibbie said...

Hello C1

I looked up Beak and Feather disease on the internet once the nice vet had said that was what he was almost sure I had. It seems you have to be a parrot to get it.. so I guess you chooks are safe.